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7 Signs You Are Dating a Commitment Phobe

“No one wants to date a commitment phobe. Unless you are the one. The thing”
By Eleanor Dyer December 12, 2017

7 Signs You Are Dating a Commitment Phobe

“No one wants to date a commitment phobe. Unless you are the one. The thing”
By Eleanor Dyer December 12, 2017

No one wants to date a commitment phobe. Unless you are the one.

The thing is, however, that it's not that easy to recognize someone who has a fear of commitment. But if you feel that you're falling in love with this person, it's better to realize that he/she is a commitment phobe before things get too serious.

It's also called 'a relationship anxiety" and it means that those people are not even always aware of how they are going to act in this relationship. However, dating is hard enough and if you don't want to be heart-broken again and really look for someone to settle down, check these signs that would help you to spot a commitment phobe.


All their previous relationships were short and not serious

If your partner has never been in a long-term relationship, it might be a sign that he/she is not really into something serious. So, before starting planning your future together, better ask them if they ever want to settle down and when it's going to happen.


They never text you first

If you are always the first one to start a conversation, it's probably not a good sign for your relationship. It's not like they should always be active when you're chatting, but if they never text or call you first, it seems like they're not that much interested in this relationship as you are.


They constantly focus on how casual the things are

They keep saying that there is nothing serious about this relationship and that it's not a relationship at all. Most of the time they keep acting like you are just hanging out and keep pointing that they are not the right person to settle down with.

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They always need more space

Even though you've already given them some space it's still not enough for them. You think that you don't see each other at all, while they think that you pressure them. They are independent in everything and in some situations they think only for themselves, not for "the couple".


You don't match in your texts

You really miss them during the day, so you use every opportunity to text them and talk to them. However, it might be not the same for your loved one. Usually, commitment phobes are not much active in texting and the answer to you long text about how great was your day could be just 'Ok' or 'Wow'. The fact that this person is emotionally unavailable gives you a big hint that you are probably dating a commitment phobe.


They keep "taking things slow"

They don't rush things even if you are dating for a while already. It seems like they're trying not to ruin your relationship and be careful in any decision they make, but in fact, they only think about leaving the things as casual as they are now. They don't see the necessity to take the next step in your relationship and to think about your future together.

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They only schedule dates that are convenient for them

As they don't really consider your couple as a couple, and they are pretty sure that they have the busiest schedule, they think that they have the right to choose the time for your dates and cancel them anytime. Or maybe he/she is the one who'll invite you to a bar when their favorite team is playing (what a surprise!), so they won't miss a chance to spend the date like they want.


There is nothing wrong that you have different goals in life and romantic relationships, but if you are ready to settle down and don't want to waste your time with someone, who doesn't share the same interests in creating a family or simply a strong relationship, it's better to know it from the first date, so you won't be upset or disappointed afterwards.

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