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5 Mistakes Most Women Make That Scare Him Away from Commitment

“You think that you’re a great catch, but you just aren’t finding the right guy.”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021
5-mistakes-that-would-scare-him from-commitment

5 Mistakes Most Women Make That Scare Him Away from Commitment

“You think that you’re a great catch, but you just aren’t finding the right guy.”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

You think that you’re a great catch, but you just aren’t finding the right guy. You feel that you bring a lot to a relationship, and yet you feel frustrated when things don’t work out yet again. What is it that you’re doing wrong? Is there some sort of mistake you are making that is keeping him from committing to you? Though he’s certainly to blame for part of it, more than likely you have to change your approach.

When you find that you keep making the same mistakes in relationships, you may almost become immune to it. Take a long hard look at the relationship and recognize if you have made any of these common mistakes. You may be dating the wrong type of guy without a doubt, but you may also be contributing to what is going wrong with your own actions. It’s best to be honest with yourself and then you can move forward in the most productive way possible.

Here are the most common mistakes that we make as women, and understanding them can help you to get that commitment that you long for from the man of your dreams.

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You start talking about the future way too early

He may be really into you and he may have even thought about a future with you. The problem comes about when you start talking about it and fixating on it, particularly if it’s way too early in the relationship.

Live in the present, enjoy where you are at with him, and then see where things go. By trying to talk about the future, even with the best of intentions, you are ultimately scaring him away. Save future talk for much later in the game, and you’ll both be happier for it.


You compare the relationship to others in a very pressured way

You see your friends getting married and you want that — but bringing it up to him and complaining about it will not keep him with you! The more that you compare yourselves to other couples and put pressure on him, the more that he’s going to freak out.

Never try to pressure him to take things to the next level, as it never works and usually makes him run the other way. Keep things light and never compare for you have to look at what the two of you have if you hope to move forward together.

You are ready to move in or get intimate way too early

When things are just starting you get really physical way too quickly. You leave nothing up to the imagination and you, therefore, make him wonder what he has to work for. You are also the type that is ready to move in her stuff as soon as you have one great night together.

In both cases moving things along too fast makes him feel that you’re too needy. Even in the physical sense, saving something for later and making him feel somewhat challenged or interested really works well. Ignore the need to jump right into things for it will never help him to commit, but it will drive him away.

You will give up your plans whenever he is available 

You are so eager to be with him and to spend every waking moment with him that you will give up anything to make it happen. Waiting for his call, you dropping everything else for him, and you are available whenever he is. You want to make things work and be with him, and so nothing else exists. Giving up plans just to be with him will scare him away because it shows that nothing else matters, and that’s a negative in his mind.

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You will focus only on his happiness and never worry about your own 

Along the same lines, you are a push over and he knows it. This comes through as weakness and he wonders why you place no value on your own happiness.

Sure you want to make things work and sure you want to make him happy, but it should never come at the cost of your own. He won’t like this, he’ll feel suffocated, and in the end, you don’t end up with this guy anyhow. So always remember that you must be happy to make it work in the big picture. If you forget that then he won’t want to be with you moving forward.


Make things go smoothly and don't push him. If he is really in love with you, he would commit whenever he is ready. So, just enjoy your time together and let him feel that he is free to choose.


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