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4 Ways to Avoid Being Ghosted

“Halloween is coming and it's time to talk about ghosts... Okay, maybe it's not exactly”
By Eleanor Dyer October 24, 2019
avoid being ghosted

4 Ways to Avoid Being Ghosted

“Halloween is coming and it's time to talk about ghosts... Okay, maybe it's not exactly”
By Eleanor Dyer October 24, 2019

Halloween is coming and it's time to talk about ghosts... Okay, maybe it's not exactly about ghosts as you know them, but about a dating term called ghosting. If you still don't know, ghosting is when your online dating bae suddenly cuts off all the communication without notifying you.

No one wants to be ghosted. And if you want to improve your dating life, check out these 4 ways to avoid being ghosted.

Keep your attitude light and breeze

Online dating is a little adventure. After just a few days of chatting, you still can't know for sure if it's leading to something serious or not. So make this time pleasant not only for you but for your dating partner as well. The main way to avoid being ghosted is being interesting to your partner. Don't talk about something that he/she doesn't care about. Don't complain or whine (no one wants to hear that).

It will always help if you lay all your cards on the table at the beginning, so you would both know that you are looking for the same thing in a relationship and don't waste each other's time.

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Don't push too hard

Keep your emotional investment equal to their time invested in you. Remember, that it's just the beginning of the relationship and you don't want to waste all your energy on a person who you still don't know too well. And remember that he/she might also has some doubts about you, so don't push your partner to an action right away.

Don't wait to make the first step

Yes, we just told you that you shouldn't push your dating partner to act just after a short time of dating. But it doesn't mean that you shouldn't make the first step as well. A lot of people dump their dating partner just because they don't see any "reward" or interest. If you are not ready to make the first step, at least you can show that you are interested in this person and would like to continue dating.

Go with your feelings

Sure, you don't want to be ghosted but it doesn't mean that you should reward bad behavior from your dating partner. If you feel that you are getting emotionally exhausted, it's better to end this relationship at the beginning to avoid being ghosted and hurt in future. Here are some examples of the 'bad behavior' that you shouldn't approve of:

  • they make last-minute plans without caring if you actually have time for that
  • they don't bother about making a plan for a date and always wait for your initiative
  • they don't reply to your messages for hours and then casually tag you in a meme
  • they have no problems with canceling your plans. Even if you agreed on it months ago

If you see some of these sings, you should be prepared that you can be ghosted any time soon. To avoid being ghosted, follow some of the tips above and, what is even more important, never be ghoster yourself!

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