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4 Types of Women You've Probably Dated in Chicago

“Before a man meets the love of his life, he has to come a long”
By Alex Glover September 9, 2020

4 Types of Women You've Probably Dated in Chicago

“Before a man meets the love of his life, he has to come a long”
By Alex Glover September 9, 2020

Before a man meets the love of his life, he has to come a long way of dating various girls. We believe that they can be divided into certain types. Each person has their own behavior and appearance, so we will tell you about the kinds of women that you would probably meet when dating in Chicago.

Type 1: Snow White

 Regular facial features, proportional physique. Puppet, neat, tidy, sexy, somewhat vulgar even. She is easy going, sometimes reckless. The hips are slightly heavy or like Barbie has. Angelic face. Has it in the clouds when it does not concern money. Mostly sad, kids are a burden for her. She sees work as just an occupation for money. She's pretty emotional, blonde or brown-haired. Has a short memory; however, is very wise. Has a lot of friends and usually gets married because it's necessary, not something she really wants.

Type 2: Eastern Spice

She's bright and very conspicuous. She impresses with many things: her eyes, her lips, her emotions. She's assertive but patient, very affectionate. Makes big mistakes rarely. She does not like abstractions but has a perfect memory. She is compassionate and intuitive. Loves to compete and achieve success at work. She's overbearing and very demanding. Hates to choose, and wants everything at once. Can wear too much makeup from time to time. Gets really tired of repetitions and moodiness. Gets married by convenience.

Type 3: The Snow Queen

Beautiful as an antique statue and, alas, as cold as well. Very phlegmatic and makes unexpected decisions. Sometimes wicked and mysterious. Has beautiful eyes and a deep voice. She understands everything in this life at the age of twelve already. Sometimes very suspicious. Denies everything and does not show her feelings. She's either happy or sad, nothing in between. Marries a charming guy.

Type 4. Tender Loving Thing

A killer woman with a logical masculine mind. Life is a tragedy, not a fantasy for her. When a kid, she was a Little Red Riding Hood. Has elaborate manners and a sweet habit of keeping all her men in a cage. She's cynical and demonstrative. Gets into her own traps. She manipulates like a boss. Usually marries someone who admires her. 

However, our life would be infinitely dull if Chicago single women could be divided into 4 types. A woman is a whole universe that is not subject to the laws of nature. Today she is a fairy, tomorrow she is a mother, and in 10 years she opens her own business and becomes a businesswoman. And what about these super-women who are everywhere in time? This is why such typology materials are useful for self-identification at a particular point in time. 

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