Dating Tips for Shy People

Dating Tips for Shy People

Sometimes dating can be difficult for those who are a little bit shy, as this can hinder their dating life. There are ways, however, that shy people can find a perfectly good date while at the same time maintaining who they are. Below are several tips for shy people to have good dates and still have a good time being themselves.

  • Plan out dating as you would any other important area of your life. Commit yourself to taking the time and energy to finding people that are right for you to date.
  • Practice one of the relaxation strategies to manage stress and anxiety every day. Before going out sit down, do your relaxation exercise and visualize how you would like the date to go. This should be a positive visualization and you should create the visualization in such a way that you enjoy the experience. Doing this helps your mind prepare for the date.
  • Be curious about the other person and use this curiosity to focus on whether or not you like the person. Ask questions and create conversation out of mutual interests even if you do not know much about the subject at hand.
  • Once you find someone that you have connection and some chemistry with, follow up with phone calls or e-mails just to get to know the person. And don’t forget that you are building a connection with this person and regular communication is essential.
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6 thoughts on “Dating Tips for Shy People”

  • oh god, these calls and e-mails are the hardest for me. I’m always afraid to bother and bore the guy, so, I put off “regular communication” to better days. I know it’s wrong, but I’m too shy to make the step

  • i say, however hard you fight shyness, it always comes when you face a stress situation, dating is one of them. so, it’s only to force yourself out of shyness that can help. it doesn’t come naturally

  • oh I have read that natural inborn shyness cannot be fought completely. it can be just eased when the person does the things or is in the surroundings that are well known to him

  • yeah. I once was on a date with a guy who was really shy. all I wanted to do all this time was to take him by the shoulders, shake him up and scream smth like “be a man!’ but i didn’t do that, I just initiated the end of the date after a while

  • when you don’t have thoughts like “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, what am I to say, what am I to do next” the date goes smoothly and easy. otherwise, there’ll be much tense

  • I think that being a bit shy on the date, especially on the first one, is normal. but of course, if it’s excessive shyness…. well, it can ruing everuthing

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