Dating Horoscope for March

Dating Horoscope for March

Wanna know how will your  life go this first month of the year? Ask the stars about your destiny and learn more about your   for this month.

Find your zodiac sign down here and read your prediction for March 2019. 


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This month will bring you plenty of exciting opportunities to meet someone through your social circle. Don’t be prejudiced to people you already know. Try giving them another chance and maybe you’ll find someone who’ll win your heart. The current configuration of the planets means that literally anything could happen. However, don’t expect too much and better take another look at opportunities that you’ve already had.


dating horoscope

This month you are up to everything new. It may have both positive and negative effects on your love life. On the one hand, you are ready to try something new, even not very traditional relationships. Though, on the other hand, it may bring you to a very confusing situation, where you would have to change your relationship status to “it’s complicated”!
But it’s not all that bad. At the end of the month, your home planet of loving Venus enters dreamy Pisces, creating a gentle pillowy softness around your love life.


dating horoscope

This is definitely your month! You feel powerful and capable of everything. There might be tension in your current relationship or a problem in creating a new one. Though, don’t worry, by the end of the month things will get easier in your love spere. So get your app prepared. Something new and exciting is coming!


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This is the calm month for you, Cancer. You appreciate being closer to home, so online dating might be a good fit for you now. Text or exchange DMs with an interesting prospect until you feel comfortable meeting in person.
Overall, this month is going to be quite calm for your love life. Don’t expect something extremely exciting and overwhelming but at the same time don’t worry about any bad things to come. March is going to be a relaxing month for you. Enjoy it! 😉


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Wow, this month is going to be tough for you, Leo! March brings a lot of drama to your love life. Though, with all this flow of emotions, don’t get overwhelmed. Try not to confuse love with other emotions. And take the focus off sex and put it onto love. You’ll be surprised by what can happen when you relieve some of the pressure that sexual tension brings.


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The beginning of the month might be a bit complicated for you, Virgo. And you’re not a fan of complications. March is definitely not the best time for you to start a new relationship and make new friends. However, you’ll get a chance to reconnect someone you’ve had trouble staying in touch with. Someday you’ll be able to look back and laugh at all the misunderstandings you’ve endured lately.


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This month will become the time for important decisions. Especially when talking about your love life. You like spontaneity, but romantic stability is also on your mind. What do you have to sacrifice for excitement? There’s a solution to every problem if you think outside the box.

Even if you are still single, this month is the perfect time for you to enjoy your singleness and prepare yourself for a future relationship. Something exciting is yet to come!


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This month you should be more careful with your decision than usual. You may feel like things in your romantic life are getting more complicated, so hold off making irreversible romantic decisions until after Mercury heads direct on March 28.

Your emotional side will be on edge this month. You’re willing to break the rules a little more than usual (for the right person, of course). So be careful with being overwhelmed by someone who is in your mind.


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The beginning of spring is perfect time for you to flirt, mix, and mingle. Things might get very romantic and you’ll feel more in love than ever. However, when you’re able to look at a romantic situation from a distance, it doesn’t seem as important as it did close up. Don’t complicate the situation and try to feel yourself at ease. If you find yourself tongue-tied, though, choose interesting activities for dates that don’t leave time for chitchat!


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You are in control and it’s great! Don’t let the spring flow and romantic thoughts spoil other spheres of your life. Due to your practical personality and life attitude, your dates might get the feeling that you don’t actually care much about starting a relationship. If you want things to get moving in your love life, prove them wrong! Show your feelings in other ways. Let your dates notice that you actually like them.


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Some changes are coming and you can feel it. If previous months didn’t give you clear answers to your love questions, you might start wondering what’s coming next. This month will become the point to make a decision, which may lead your life in an unexpected way. But remember that compromise is going to be the key to solving a lot of relationship dilemmas now.


dating horoscope

This month gives you a perfect opportunity to find love! Of course, nothing will be easy. By the 10th of March, you may start getting clues about your future partner. Though, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone. The difficulties may also be related to the fact that your indecisiveness intensifies at the beginning of the month. So get yourself together and focus on your life love to finally achieve success in your romantic area.

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