Dating Etiquette for Seniors

Dating Etiquette for Seniors

Sometimes seems like you have placed yourself in a foreign land with unfamiliar rules. Though there are some common  etiquette rules that would help you in any situation.

Age is not that important in senior dating. When you like each other and match with each other perfectly, who cares whether you are 16 or 60? However, adult people understand differently than adolescents, that is why it’s so important to have special dating etiquette that would correspond to yours and your partner’s life values and preferences. Read these simple dating etiquette rules and go on a date with no doubt! 


Be yourself and reveal the mask

Make sure a person likes you for who you truly are. It is hard for a dating partner to appreciate you fully if you are not completely honest about yourself. Removing your mask will ensure your date is more enjoyable and comfortable and will build your relationship on trust.


Leave old relationships in the past

It’s normal to be curious about your past relationships, but don’t rant constantly about past partners. Bringing up the past could make your partner feel like he or she does not measure up to those with whom you had relationships in the past. Focus on the present and on the person you are dating now.

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Pay attention to the body language

Evaluate your body language and be mindful of those considered negative. Crossed arms, not maintaining eye contact and turning up your nose can make you appear not interested in your dating partner. Do not risk misinterpretations and try to use body language that is open and friendly and makes you appear interested.


Avoid negativity and stay positive

Be aware of your speech in everyday conversations. Part of dating etiquette is having a positive outlook towards yourself and others. Positive people are more fun to be around and make their dating partners feel secure and unafraid of being secretly judged.


Be inclusive

If you have been dating a person for more than a month, include your partner’s family in your plans. In addition, always keep in mind that your partner has a family she would like to spend time with and you will have to compromise when it comes to family event-planning and traditions.

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With these simple rules, your dating experience is going to be even better. Though, if you want to make it just perfect, install Meetville app on Android and iOS right now and go on a date with local singles!

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6 thoughts on “Dating Etiquette for Seniors”

  • i think I will never forget these rules. actually they are not only for dating but for making friends throughout your life! 🙂 thanks. I love them, they are simple and interesting

  • oh, forgetting the past is the most difficult thing in dating sphere 🙁 they say – let it go, but they don’t tell how! people, if you have simple tips for that, please, share it!

  • no, first several dates are all the play – you play a well behaved and mannered man. do you really use wipes at home? nope. do you cut the meat with the knife in your right hand? i doubt it. so… no honesty on dates. it’s revealed only at home

  • yeah, ladies, stay positive! no man will appreciate your mourning about your life. indeed he won’t feel like getting to know you closer. I met such women actually. that applies to the past relations aswell. you can actually talk about it, but stay positive even with it. say about the lessons you’ve learned rather then the problems and regrets you have about it.

  • lol, I once was on a date with a woman who was critisizing all the girls entering the restaurant! 😀 she said smth like “look at how fat she is, how could she put on that dress?” or “this jewelry doesn’t match the dress. can’t you see it?” and so on. I was really embarrassed

  • The power of positivity cannot be underestimated. I always try to remain positive because no one wants to be around a person who is always whining. I believe dating should be fun and that’s how interest grows.

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