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10 Online Dating Tips for Senior Men

“Online dating is all the rage these days and it seems that everyone is getting”
By Alex Glover May 3, 2021
7 Online Dating Tips for Senior Men dating tips dating-singles-meetville-matchmaking

10 Online Dating Tips for Senior Men

“Online dating is all the rage these days and it seems that everyone is getting”
By Alex Glover May 3, 2021

Online dating is all the rage these days and it seems that everyone is getting involved in one way or another. Some people may be surprised to learn however that many seniors are getting into the online dating game as well. It’s true, and as more seniors participate in online dating, men especially need some good advice and tips for how to take their 21st-century dating game to the next level.

If you’re a senior looking for love online, then there’s a whole host of things you can do to impress any date you may have. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to show her that sometimes, older men know more and can be much better companions. 

  • Men need to understand that women online are looking for real relationships and want any date they’re on to be taken seriously.  This means that when you talk a big game proposing your date, follow through and show up looking nice. Don’t even dream of taking your date to a fancy bar for drinks and then show up wearing a wrinkled t-shirt and tennis shoes.
  • If you have a health problem or an injury, the advice is simple: be honest about it.  There’s probably no quicker way to turn your date off than by showing up on a motor scooter after mentioning that you have some “hip issues” in your previous conversation.
  • Many men like to impress dates by cooking for them.  This can be a great way to demonstrate skills to your date and make them feel comfortable around you.  The only catch is that you actually have to cook! Don’t invite your date over for dinner only to tell her that she’ll be preparing said dinner.  She came over for a date, not to interview for a job as a cook after all.
  • When it comes to advertising your skills and hobbies online, make sure that what you say is really true.  There’s no simpler way to say it than that your date will be completely turned off when she finds out that not only can you not play guitar, but that you also lied to her about it over the internet.
  • If you happen to have dinner at your house or come home from a date to one of your homes, don’t suggest or try to watch TV with your date.  TV is decidedly unromantic and there’s no better way to make you and your date feel old then by popping in for a re-run of some bad TV after dinner.
  • On your first date, make sure you don’t talk about yourself and only yourself.  Going on and on about your business or your children is not the most attractive thing in the world.  Furthermore, don’t even think about bagging your ex in front of a new date.  Instead, ask your date questions and try to get to know them.  If you really feel like you need to share things from your life, wait your turn; your date will ask you.
  • Dress presentably and be a gentleman. Take a shower, take your best suit and open all the doors. In general, try doing things that make her feel special without going overboard on the first few dates.
  • If you are interested in a woman, flirt with her and watch her response. Never leave a woman sitting alone and be on time or let your date know if you are going to be late.
  • Don’t expect the woman you are dating to be like your previous spouse. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. And don’t talk about future marriage on the first date, even if you’re really interested in this.
  • Finally, remember that just because you don’t have much of social life, or any life these days, don’t assume that your date doesn’t as well. Chances are she has some pretty interesting stuff going on in her life and it’s not going to work to call her at 8 AM on a Sunday and invite her for breakfast. She probably has something else to take care of.
  • These tips are by no means exhaustive but they do provide some good, practical advice for any senior men looking to jump into the online dating game. Follow these instructions and you’ll run a good chance of impressing your date and maybe scoring another!

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