Your date’s coffee choice tells a lot about their personality

Your date’s coffee choice tells a lot about their personality

Going out for a coffee on a first is kind of basic but actually quite a good idea. You can spend a nice time getting each other better and at the same time, keep your excitement for the next dates as well.

But did you know that your date’s coffee order may give you more information about their personality than they’ll tell you themselves? Read on to know what to expect from your date!

Black coffee

If your date orders black coffee means they are responsible, ambitious and aggressive. Hopefully not in a bad way! They are natural leaders and if you see that your crush is drinking black coffee, you should know that probably he/she would be the one wearing pants in this relationship.

Black coffee with milk

A person who chooses this kind of coffee seems to have a very strong independent personality at first. But after you get to know them better, you’ll see that they are actually very nice and soft inside. This is also a very traditional person, so be careful there.

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Among all coffee lovers, they are probably the best choice to have a relationship with. The person who drinks cappuccino is loving and caring, and will put your relationship first. Cappuccino drinkers sound great! Though, there is a bad side of their personality as well. Many cappuccino lovers may be very controlling and obsessive. So keep an eye on that quality.

choice of coffee on a date


We can’t lie – latte lovers are very romantic. A relationship with them may feel like being in a rom-com. But at the same time, they are very indecisive and usually never take a lead in a relationship.


If your date is a frappuccino lover, be prepared that your relationship won’t be matured. But maybe it’s not a bad thing? Anyway, this person is very ambitious and energetic. At least, you can be sure that your relationship will be very unique and not boring at all.


If your date prefers coffee over tea it tends to say that this is a pretty shy and calm person when you first meet them. But don’t let them go too quickly! Tea lovers will show their true colors when you get to know them better.

So, next time you’re on a coffee date, make sure your date has good taste – literally 😉

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