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7 Unforgettable Date Ideas In Seattle

“Spring has come! And even though it's still cold and snowy, why not to make”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021
Seattle date ideas

7 Unforgettable Date Ideas In Seattle

“Spring has come! And even though it's still cold and snowy, why not to make”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

Spring has come! And even though it's still cold and snowy, why not to make this time better and go on a date with your partner? 

It's not difficult to find a cheap and easy date idea. But what is more important is to be fun and creative, and surprise your bae with an unexpected and unforgettable date. So, if you live in Seattle or just visiting with your loved one, here is top 7 best date ideas for you and your partner.

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Become a glass sculptor 

 Seattle Glassblowing Studio and Gallery

Seattle is well-known for its glassblowing scene. So, it would be a must-do date idea to visit at least one of the glass studios in town. For example, you can try Seattle Glassblowing Studio and Gallery where you can take part in private or group classes and blow the glass yourself or just sculpt it.


Watch the best selection of movies in Central Cinema

central cinema seattle

A movie is always a good choice for a date. Though it's not always easy to find something good to watch with your partner. And in ordinary cinema, you can't combine a movie with a nice dinner. So, if you want to avoid popcorn and trivial movies on your date, check Central Cinema in Seattle where you can not only get a nice collection of the best movies to watch but also a good quality dinner and delicious snack.


Visit the Laser Dome

laser dome seattle

It's quite unusual though fun to spent your evening under the laser dome full of music and light. Watch for Cheap Date Nights to get a discount ticket. And be sure that this date would not only be unusual but very romantic as well.


Play arcades at Shorty’s

arcades Seattle

If you're not fancy going to an expensive restaurant or a famous club and just want to have some fun time with your date, then visit Shorty’s where you can enjoy playing old arcade games or pinball. The food there is quite casual as well but you'd love these hot dogs with various toppings, beer and a full-service bar.


Eat some sweets

seattle chocolate

What could be sweeter on a date than eating some chocolate? The best place for this in Seattle would be Fran’s Chocolates. And the best part is that you can try not only some sweets but also drink a cup of espresso or a hot chocolate.

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Go wine tasting... on the street

Seattle wine

If you have a limited budget but you still want to make your date classy, go to List Restaurant where you won't spend more than $20 for a nice bottle of wine and tax, though will have a romantic atmosphere and unforgettable experience.


Become a detective for a night

Seattle the dinner detective

The Dinner Detective serves up a meal while a murder mystery unfolds around you. You can enjoy your meal while trying to solve the riddle. The show wraps in some humor, some dramatics and some sleuthing prowess.


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