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10 Best Halloween Date Ideas

“Halloween is coming and it means that it's time to think about your special Halloween”
By Harry Holt April 28, 2021

10 Best Halloween Date Ideas

“Halloween is coming and it means that it's time to think about your special Halloween”
By Harry Holt April 28, 2021

Halloween is coming and it means that it's time to think about your special Halloween date ideas!

If you are fed up with traditional costume parties and want to spend this night with your loved one, here we got for you 10 best Halloween date ideas that would make this day very special and amazing for both of you. 

Take your dating experience to the next level and choose one of these ideas for your unusual but incredible date.

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Halloween carnival ride

carnaval ride Halloween date ideas

With this whole atmosphere of horror and thrill, there is nothing better than scream a little bit on some scary rides! It's going to be fun and scary at the same time. What else would you want for a Halloween? Also, if you still don't know each other well, it's a good way to break the ice.


Cook a pumpkin dinner

pumpkin dinner

Pumpkins are the kings of this holidays. They are not only a perfect decoration idea, but also it's super delicious! You can bake pies and make pure... There are plenty of ideas for a pumpkin dinner to make it extremely Halloweeny. The fun part is that you can cook it together or surprise your date with such a tasty holiday dinner. 

But before...


Have fun at Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch halloween date ideas

It's not just an opportunity to find your perfect pumpkin but also it's a very fun activity for you and your loved one. Usually, it's more of a place for kind, though who said you can't be a little bit childish this evening? ;)


Try a corn maze

corn maze halloween date ideas

What can be more fun and traditional at the same time then going together through a corn maze? It's a perfect chance for you to bond together and spend this date in a very scary but romantic atmosphere. The evenings in October are pretty dark, so you'd need to hold each other's hands to not lose each other. 


Watch a scary movie at the Drive-In theater

drive-in theater halloween date ideas

Firstly, it's unusual. Secondly, it's scary. And don't forget about a pretty obvious excuse to cuddle and stay close to each other. It's more interesting than simply staying at home, but at the same time, you are not that much in a public place, so you can have some time for you two.


Visit a Haunted House

haunted house halloween date ideas

If you both like adventures, it's a perfect idea for your Halloween date! You will be so scared and worried about the ghost lurking, so holding hands will be necessary. Just don't forget your partner if it's really good idea for both of you ;)


Decorate your house

house decoration halloween date ideas

Either you are having a party at your house, or you just staying home together with your date - it would be so nice to spend some time together before the holiday to decorate your house. 


Have a movie marathon

movie marathon halloween date ideas

If you don't really want to go out but just spend some good (and scary) time together, pick your favorite horror movies and make a movie marathon with some sweets and pumpkin Halloween treats.


Dress up for each other

big bang theory halloween date ideas

Even if you are not going to a party, it doesn't mean that you can't dress up for each other. It could be something fun and scary like in this amazing list of Halloween costumes for couples or maybe even something hot and sexy. It all depends on your imagination and how far you want to go on this date ;)


Make a party

party halloween date ideas

You can invite just your closest friends or even go on a double date with another couple. Halloween is not only about being scared but also about having fun, so don't miss this chance!


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