Celebrating World Health Day With Surprising Health Benefits of Being in Love

Celebrating World Health Day With Surprising Health Benefits of Being in Love

We all know this feeling of being in love accompanied by butterflies in the stomach. You can’t stop smiling, can’t wait to see your significant ones, can’t wait to kiss and cuddle happily in their arms. It’s all-absorbing, exciting, fulfilling and, as it turns out, extremely beneficial for your health too!

On the World Health Day Meetville’s team consulted experts and found out how love dizziness and romantic chemistry can positively affect your health and overall well-being. Here are 4 surefire proofs that will remind you why it’s so important to always make room for love in your heart.

1. Love boosts your immune system


Feeling love and feeling loved give a powerful lift to your immune system. Happy couples that experience love and appreciation develop a significant number of specific blood cells that are able to fight diseases!

Health advice: Spend at least 2 hours a day with your beloved to keep the doctor at bay.

2. Love makes you extra fit


It’s scientifically proved that exercising together with your sweetheart makes any training session more productive and satisfying than sweating solo. This can be easily explained by the desire to keep up with your partner and by the feeling of excitement of being together. And the benefits are clear!

Health advice: Try scheduling gym sessions à deux with your honey to strengthen both your body and relationships.

3. Love helps you live longer


There’s a long history of research that has looked at the longevity benefits of being in love. The latest studies show that people who live in committed, healthy relationships experience less stress and are more likely to give up risky behaviors like drinking or smoking. This increases energy, improves emotional balance, mental clarity and thus leads to better health and higher life expectancy.

Health advice: Go out with your sweetie and joyfully indulge in whatever activities you follow, This will certainly make you feel good and will add a couple of years to your happy life together.

4. Love combats stress and fills you with optimism


Loving and being loved helps to vaccinate you against anxiety. When you are in love the brain produces a chemical called dopamine, a feel-good stimulant that is responsible for feelings of bliss, optimism, and patience.

Health advice: Kiss, hug or simply look at a photo of your beloved as often as possible for extra dopamine rush that will bring your tremendous energy and optimism.

If you are still single and can’t wait to fall in love and meet your second half, Meetville is always on to help you find the best match and experience all benefits of happy bonding.

Love, feel loved and be healthy!

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