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7 Signs He Is Undoubtedly Crazy About You

“Do you ever look at him and wish you knew what he was thinking? Are”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

7 Signs He Is Undoubtedly Crazy About You

“Do you ever look at him and wish you knew what he was thinking? Are”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

Do you ever look at him and wish you knew what he was thinking? Are you crazy about him and wondering if he feels the same way? Do you often want to get into his head and see where the relationship is heading from his point of view? The signs are there for you to see, and if you want to know if he’s crazy about you then just start paying attention to them. 

He may be more into you than you realize, and it’s time to pay attention to the way he is with you. He may be giving you the signs and assuming that you are seeing them firsthand. He may be so into you that he assumes you just know. The way that he acts towards you or how he views the future can tell you everything that you need to know. There is so much to gain here, and therefore, the more thought that you put into this the more you will likely realize how he feels. If he is exhibiting any of these signs then he is clearly crazy about you and wants a future with you.

He does things just to make you happy 

It might be flowers “just because” or a note to let you know he’s thinking about you. He might plan a date night centered around the things that you like. The point is that he does little things for the sole purpose of making you happy. There is no reason or motivation other than he likes to see you smile. Take that, let it sink in, and know that him wanting to make you happy is a tell-tale sign that things are good with him.

He genuinely wants to get to know your friends and family 

It’s not a forced thing for him to get to know your family and friends. He wants to understand where you came from and what makes you the person that you are. He wants to be a part of your life and he knows that this is the pathway to do so. He is trying to integrate into the life that you have and make it even better. This means that there is likely to be a future with him too!

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He talks about future plans without hesitation 

You don’t have to push him to make plans for the future. He wants to plan trips with you or plan things pretty far out in the future. He may even talk about a future with you, even if it’s abstract or hypothetically it’s still something. Any talk of the future, even if it’s to attend an event together is a really good sign about his feelings.

He talks to you about anything and everything 

Communication is key and if he has opened himself up in this way then that speaks volumes. He wants to talk to you, he enjoys talking to you, and he genuinely enjoys talking with you. When he can turn himself over to this and embrace true communication then he’s telling you everything you need to know with this simple action.

He turns to you for support and respect 

Men need respect and support like women need love. It’s truly that important and therefore, if he’s turning to you in this capacity then it’s telling you that he’s crazy about you. He needs this from you, he wants this from you, and you are the person that he turns to for advice and so much more. This is a wonderful way to tell you that he’s into you.

He has fun with you and it shows 

When he can laugh with you and be himself with you, then you have something really special. When you two have fun together and it’s not forced, then he has found his soul mate. If he laughs with you and genuinely has a good time with you then this is indicative of a man in love!

He considers you a true partner and cherishes that 

Men are ultimately looking for a woman that can serve as a great partner to them. The more that he can view you as a partner, the more lasting that the relationship is going to be. If he sees you as his partner in everything in life, then he is truly into you.

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