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How to Break Up with Someone if You Are Not Really Dating

“A month ago I went out with this girl - Carla. We had a couple”
By Harry Holt June 10, 2021
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How to Break Up with Someone if You Are Not Really Dating

“A month ago I went out with this girl - Carla. We had a couple”
By Harry Holt June 10, 2021

A month ago I went out with this girl - Carla. We had a couple of chats before and I was really excited to see her in real life. However, everything went not exactly as I thought.

The first date was okay, but the second one was a total disaster. Of course, everything could have finished quite well if she could be on the same page with me. But apparently, Carla thought that everything was great and we are dating now. I didn't want to hurt her but I didn't want to waste my time on this girl as well, so I came up with some nice ideas that helped me (and will help you) to break up with someone, even if you are not really dating.

Ghosting is never a choice

First, it hurts your partner's feelings. A lot. Of course, ghosting seems like the easiest way to stop all connections with this person but it will never bring you any emotional satisfaction.

Also, if you don't actually care about your date's feelings, think about what kind of harm it will bring you. Yes, ghosting your date will influence you too! In my case, I know that living in a small city and visiting a lot of public places will end up in bumping into my exes. So, finishing everything on bad terms will just create some uncomfortable situations.

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Let them know that "It's not you, it's me"

Don't say exactly that, though. If you want to end things on a good note, make sure your date will know that it's not their fault. Even if you are sure that the reason for your break up is your partner, don't let it pop out in your 'break up' conversation. At the end of the day, maybe you weren't just good enough for each other and someone else would be happy to ask your ex-date out.

It's okay to text or call

You may be surprised but in a case like this, calling or texting instead of meeting in person may be even a better choice. Of course, if your relationship is getting more serious, you own this last meeting to your partner. However, if it's been just a few dates, meeting once again just to break up doesn't seem quite logical.

Don't waste each other's time

Breaking up is not easy. But the longer you wait, the worth this situation is getting. Until your relationship is too serious, it's better to share your honest feelings with your partner and free both of you from a relationship that is going nowhere. Even if your partner is not actually ready for a break up now, he/she will thank you later for not wasting their time.

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Basically, just relax and try to be honest with your date. If you are not meant to be, this decision would be better for both of you. And who knows, maybe your ex-partner will become your good friend.

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