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8 Men Reveal the Real Reasons Why They Cheated

“The biggest fear I've ever had in a relationship is that my partner would ever”
By Grace Cox April 28, 2021

8 Men Reveal the Real Reasons Why They Cheated

“The biggest fear I've ever had in a relationship is that my partner would ever”
By Grace Cox April 28, 2021

The biggest fear I've ever had in a relationship is that my partner would ever cheat on me. At the same time, I couldn't really understand what can I do to prevent it. There is no common pattern for people who are left by their husbands or wives. So if the most beautiful, intelligent and famous men and women are being cheated on, what can we say about the ordinary people? That's why we decided to finally find out the answer and asked 8 different men why they cheated on their partners.

"I was young and we went to different colleges and I convinced myself that she was going to cheat on me anyway. So my thinking was, if I do it first she can't hurt me. And I ‘win.’ And I had it there in my back pocket so that if she did cheat on me, I could say I did, too. Looking back, that’s obviously such an unhealthy and immature way of looking at it."— Aaron, 28

"I'm not going to lie - I was drunk and this girl was really hot. I can't say what was I thinking, because I wasn't thinking at the moment, I acted immediately. Maybe at that time, our relationship was ruined anyway, 'cause I didn't even feel sorry." - Nathan, 31

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"This one is honestly a technicality. I was dating a girl in college. She was great, she made me happy and I didn’t have any real complaints with our relationship. She went abroad for a semester and during that time we were long-distance. This was a few years ago, by the way. We had email and IM and ways of getting in touch but it wasn’t like we could talk 24/7. A lot of foreign carriers had insane price plans and stuff. We couldn’t really Skype. Anyway, the point is that I met the woman of my dreams and then I could not get in touch with this girl to break up with her. I didn’t want to do it over email or something. I wanted to really call and talk to her and show her some level of respect and let her yell at me over the phone. It took a week until I was able to actually speak with her and at that point she was… not that mad. She was obviously enjoying herself in Europe. So it worked out, but for that week, I was a cheater but only because the paperwork hadn’t gone through yet, so to speak." — Greg, 33

"I was going to break up with my girlfriend anyway but before I was ready to do it, I've met another girl, who really changed me and my understanding of being in love. The only thing that I'm sorry for is not breaking my past relationship earlier. But maybe if I would have done so, I wouldn't ever meet my true love." - Nate, 26

"I was feeling trapped in my current relationship. That doesn’t really excuse cheating but I really felt like I couldn’t leave but I wanted to. I met someone who really showed me my value and helped me through it, and it got romantic before we meant for it to happen. We dated for years afterwards, but it’s something I still feel bad about."— Kyle, 35

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"Shitty answer... But she cheated on me first, I couldn't get over it and I wanted her to feel the same way. So I revenge cheated. I can't entirely say I regret it nor am I proud of it. It's something that was wrong to do, that ultimately didn't have earned me any kind of closure or satisfaction. If I could turn the time back, I would never do it again." - Brent, - 29

"I'm not sure if it counts as cheating, because I'm not sure if it was something serious for her as well. I never felt that she is interested or willing to add something new to our relationship. We were seeing each other only when she was ready for it and I didn't actually feel like I was the part of this relationship. Of course, cheating is not the best solution, but it kind of makes me feel better, knowing that I broke up with her right away and didn't actually lie to her." - Harry, 24

"She had cheated on me multiple times and I wasn't quite ready to leave her because of the kids, so I tried to exact some kind of revenge by sleeping with someone too. In retrospect, I wish that I had kept the high ground. I left her 2 months later." - Steve, - 40

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