Be Proud of Dating a Cougar

Be Proud of Dating a Cougar

The widespread theory of young girls’ popularity seems to be totally blown off. According to the statistics more and more men at the age range from 20 to 30 years old prefer dating older women. But what attracts young men to cougars?Here are the top 3reasons why ladies over their 30-s enjoy greater popularity among younger men:

Cougars are more experienced, therefore they are unlikely to make rash steps or decisions. Be sure they will never drink too much at the party and are less likely to flirt with their boyfriend’s best friend. Thus, being accompanied by an older chick one can relax and just enjoy the relationships.

They are more likely to follow healthy way of life and take better care of their health. Of course, not all the ladies over their 30-s or 40-s become constant visitors of yoga classes, but those who want to look young and flourishing have to try hard. That’s why you will never catch your older girlfriend at night eating a large piece of a chocolate cake or secretly smoking one “last” cigarette.

They do know what they want in bed. Older ladies feel free and relaxed while talking about their sexual desires and this really helps their partners to please them, thus creating an intimate atmosphere. No one will argue that seeing your beloved one happy is one of the most important parts of any healthy relationship, and experienced ladies willingly let their younger partners to make them delighted.

So, young men should be really proud of having older life partners as this may become the indicator of their own high social status (cougars never pay attention to losers).

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6 thoughts on “Be Proud of Dating a Cougar”

  • Before you start dating, figure out your relationship expectations. Determine if casual is more your speed where seeing him less frequently will not be a problem. Limited quality time vs. quantity time may suit the busy cougar schedule better. And, after years of a serious relationship or marriage, dating for fun with no strings attached may be what you need. But if there is an expectation for a serious relationship, then seek a younger man who wants the same.

  • For some younger guys, going out with a sexy older woman is a big turn-on. His boys think so too and encourage him to do so. He may have the stereotypical idea of the older woman being able to teach him sexually. So, they may be looking for the booty call. These men are obvious by calling late night and asking to come over. Or only wanting to be a friend with benefits and nothing more. It’s best to avoid them unless you don’t mind having a sexual relationship with no strings attached.

  • One easy way to hold on to that perfect older woman is to show respect. If she doesn’t like fast driving, slow down. If she wants to eat vegetarian, don’t take her to a steak joint.

  • Don’t be afraid to voice what you want. By being on the same page in the beginning, it will prevent frustration and heartbreak later if he doesn’t want the same thing. Also in early conversations, find out what he wants from the relationship. Is he marriage minded? Does he eventually want children? These discussions don’t have to happen on the first date. But as your relationship progresses, it’s best to tackle them head on as it steers the relationship in the direction that you want

  • Age doesn’t always determine maturity. There can be men over forty that give any teenager a run for his money. Depending on their life experiences, some younger men have had to grow up faster and have gained some wisdom and insight. Spending time with him and seeing how he handles stress, finances, friends, work, etc. will give you a better idea of his maturity level. But, if you are looking for a casual relationship, it may not matter.

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