Avoiding the Most Common Dating Mistakes

Avoiding the Most Common Dating Mistakes

If you don’t want to repeat your relationship mistakes in future, here are some dating rules that will help you to form the right mindset and prevent you from possible disappointments.

  • Avoid communication with passive aggressive daters. Yes, this is a scientific term for people who can’t express their feelings properly. Instead of discussing with you all the issues that bother them in your behavior they will accumulate their anger and hide it under the cover of passivity. Later, they may start secretly date their ex or go to have a drink with your colleague. In most cases suchpeople are not capable to maintain long-term healthy relationships.
  • Stay away from people who are in love with themselves. At the very beginning it may seem that a person is nuts about you. But soon the behavior suddenly changes , you start to notice that your relationships are only based on satisfying only his or her needs and desires. Believe such relationships will bring nothing but disappointment.
  • In case your newly-met partner seems too good to be real, then it’s high time to think about it. In order to avoid any kind of disappointment it’s better to Google your new beloved one to find out as much as possible about him/her. Who knows maybe your partner is not a vice president of the international corporation, and his gorgeous Ferrari is just rented to make you believe him/her? Anyway, it’s always better hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.
  • Make sure your new partner is not sexually attached to his ex anymore. If your significant other continues occasionally hanging out with his ex. Just talk to your partner and explain that you are not happy about the idea of your partner spendingtime with his ex. It’s not bad to stay casual friends after breaking up, but doing favors presupposes something more than just friendship.
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5 thoughts on “Avoiding the Most Common Dating Mistakes”

  • that’s manly. women always say whatever is of minor displease for them, that’s what I don’t like about them – they complain too much! I met only one-two-three women who didn’t do that all the time!

  • why , personally I often hide anger. I prefer not to express all minor dissatisfaction with my partner, otherwise that will be a constant criticism.

  • I am skeptic by nature, so an expensive ferrari and a luxury restaurant makes me not delighted but suspicious. I cannot understand those girls who don’t see the trick

  • unless you’re in love with yourself, no one will be in love with you! I love myself first of all. and I’d like to date a guy who never says “what a nobody I am!” really

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