Are You More Than Just Friends? Here are 4 Signs to Look For

Are You More Than Just Friends? Here are 4 Signs to Look For

Do you find yourself wondering exactly what you are to one another? Do you like this person but worry that they may not necessarily feel the same? Are you into them and find that you just can’t figure out their intentions? If you are wondering if you are just friends or maybe more, then there are some simple but effective ways to figure out the answer to this question.

You have to pay close attention to the subtle cues or the way that they act around you. There may be more than meets the eye and you will never know until you look at it with an objective eye. Try to take yourself out of the situation and see what is really at play here. You may be in the friend zone or you may be ready to head down a path to something even better before you know it.

1. You talk to each other more than anybody else

If you find that you are talking to each other more than anybody else in life, then this may be indicative of something more. Sure some best friends talk a lot, but this is to a whole new level. If you find that you are picking up your phone to share news with them or if they are calling you just to chat for no reason then there is definitely a connection there.

Communication is at the center of any good relationship, and if it’s alive and well in your friendship then there may be more than meets the eye. Take a look at this aspect of things and be honest about how much the two of you talk to get your answer.

2. You ask for each other’s opinions and value advice….unless it’s on relationships

You truly value each other’s opinions on everything. You turn to each other for advice and you want to know what they think before making a decision. There are so many things that you talk about—but if one of those things includes relationship advice then that may tell you that you are stuck in the friend zone.

If they are coming to you to talk about relationship problems, then they probably aren’t looking at you as more than a friend just yet. It hurts to admit that but it can tell you what’s really going on here.

3. You look for one another and spend a lot of time together

You genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Just as you might talk to each other more than anybody else in the world, you may also spend an awful lot of time together. Whether it’s going to the movies or showing up as their “plus one” you are together a lot.

You seek each other out and it’s reciprocated and this tells you that there is more than just friendship at play here. Friends don’t spend time only with one another to this capacity and if they do, it’s likely because one or both of you wants more than what you currently have.

4. You get rid of past loves and start to see each other in a new way

You are sort of making room for each other even if you don’t realize it. You are starting to find your way to one another and you are clearing the path to let it happen. You tend to focus in on each other once the other things are cleared out of your life, and so as this starts to happen you can see them for what they are.

It may take awhile to see yourself out of the friend zone, but when things start to change like this it makes it all a lot easier and you can enjoy their company on a whole new level. Look for these cues and you may find that lasting love that you have been in search of!

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