Are You a Desperate Dater?

Are You a Desperate Dater?

Sometimes we try to find our one and only too actively. Being too attentive or even clingy may frighten your date and make him/her run over the hills. But how to find out if you are one of those crazy daters or are going out with someone really desperate? Pay attention to the following red flags:

  1. Your partner is too pushy. He/she wants to meet your friends and family as well as to do all “couple” things too soon.
  2. He/she starts talking about sex issues on your first or a second date.
  3. Be cautious if you get too many dirty compliments and jokes.
  4. He/she is too needy and just can’t stand being alone especially in weekends and holidays.
  5. If he/she comes to discussing money issues too soon it also can be a sign that your date needs too much attention.
  6. If your partner is available at any moment and is ready to drop everything just to see you don’t rejoice too soon. Of course it’s wonderful when your one and only is also ready to help and pass all his/her time with you. But what if you have known each other no longer than a week?

Of course everyone may feel desperate, especially if we have just broken up with someone we loved deeply. But is it the right moment to plunge into a new relationship?

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