Are People Decisive Enough to Adopt a Kid?

Are People Decisive Enough to Adopt a Kid?

The idea of adopting a child is appealing to the overwhelming majority of people. This was made clear by the results of the poll, conducted by (dating app to find the right person) between 10/21/14 and 1/23/15.

59,465 participants responded to the following question: “Would you adopt a child if you don’t have your own children?” 77% of polled people gave a sure “Yes” to it.  From the USA – 66%, from Canada – 3%, from Britain – 10%, Australia – 6% and other countries – 15%.

Bringing a baby home is a challenging and transformative experience at the same time. No matter how and why it happens, it’s a wonderful and fulfilling event for every person willing to be a parent. Carrie Craft, adoption/foster care expert, says: “The decision to adopt a baby is very much a journey. To people unacquainted with adoption, the trek can be overwhelming.” She also suggests to think over the following issues before making a life-changing choice: “Be sure you understand what goes into being an adoptive parent. Consider the responsibilities of parenting someone else’s child. Resolve any infertility issues, including grieving your loss. Prepare to have some emotions resurface after adoption. Know who is allowed to be an adoptive parent. If you are gay or single adoption can still be an option. Remember that timing is important when adding to your family.”

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, points out that children adopted even at an early age may have experienced deep trauma and loss. So it’s crucial to take care of their additional mental or psychological issues. If you’re not scared and feel that you’re able to provide a kid with everything needed, then take your chance to make your family bigger and happier.


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