All We Need Is Love

All We Need Is Love

Can a person be really happy staying alone?

Maybe some of ardent love seekers will be surprised, but there really lots of people who are absolutely satisfied with their single life. “Love is all we need…” says the famous song.

But is love worth turning our life into a constant search for someone special? Numerous dating fails, unpleasant relationship experience or some other reasons may turn each of us from dating seeker to dating hater. Thus, we can divide people who are not interested in dating into two groups – those who are just really happy to be single at the moment devoting their time to career, children, friends and hobbies, and those – who feel unhappy staying single but have a fear to launch new relationships.

Yes, dating is not everything; there are too many things that can make one happy. Self-realization is not less important for most of us than finding a life partner. In our modern world we’ve got a bunch of things that make our life complete – good job, interesting pastime, self-education etc. I bet, each of us felt happy being single at a certain stage of our life. If you feel there is no need to invite someone into your life at the moment, just don’t do that just because others tell you to do.

But if you belong to the second group of singles, don’t make hasty conclusions. There hundreds of reliable, honest interesting people who are not going to break your heart out there. Of course, no one can guarantee that your heart will not be broken again; no one can guarantee you eternal love. But why at least no try to become happy? Samuel Butler once said: “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all.” Just don’t miss your chance to share your love with someone special.

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