7 Cute Date Ideas In San Jose

7 Cute Date Ideas In San Jose

Did you ever have a killer idea that would make your partner adore you even more? Well, here we have a few of those. 

Take a look at this list of cute and fun in San Jose.

1. Drink while painting. Paint while drinking.


With a wine glass in one hand and a paint brush in the other, you can finally let your inner artist out and create unique paintings at Vino Artist. Even if you don’t have any experience (in painting, of course 🙂 ) it doesn’t matter. This event is about relaxing and having fun, so it would be perfect for a date night.

2. Play Monopoly like a giant


Experience larger than life sized version of Monopoly in the Park. You can invite your friends to join you or corporate against complete strangers. Anyway, the game is gonna be fun and you can always help your partner in some difficult situation which they would appreciate.

3. Walk around Japanese Friendship Garden


Most of the stories start from the friendship. It’s quite a good reason why you should invite your date for a walk in Japanise Friendship Garden. The place itself is very beautiful and romantic. It’s also the most popular place for wedding ceremonies.

4. Play mini golf


Go back to childhood playing mini golf at Golfland. First of all, it’s really fun and you’ll have a great time together. But also it’s a very romantic activity, as you can teach your partner how to play golf or just fool around on the grass. 

5. Have a dinner at the roof top


This date idea can’t be missed if you are planning the cutest and the most romantic date for your partner. Scott’s Seafood offers not only delicious seafood meals but also an opportunity to enjoy your dinner with an amazing view from the roof top. Nothing could be better than a nice dinner under the stars on a beautiful night.

6. Sing your heart out at karaoke


Everyone loves to sing either in the shower or while driving a car. So, bring all your skills with you for this date, as you’re gonna sing a lot. And what could be more romantic than singing your favorite love song in a duet?

7. Have a Japanese style date

Couple Feeding Each Other at a Restaurant

Sushi is already a huge part of modern food culture, so it definitely a good idea for a date your partner would love. Visit one of the best sushi bars in San Jose – Mizu Sushi Bar & Grill – to impress your partner with a Japanese style date. 

Be sure, with these amazing ideas your date will be unforgettable for you and your partner.

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