6 Actually Great Sex Tips From Men

6 Actually Great Sex Tips From Men

When it comes to you obviously want to know some special tips and tricks to impress your partner. For sure, there is no specific rule that would be 100% effective for you, though you should try what your partner likes and dislikes and that will give you the right sense of what should you really be doing to make your amazing.

These guys had already found what works the best for them and want to share their sex tips with you.

“Have you tried dirty talk in bed? It’s actually very hot! Might feel a bit weird at first but then it gets better. Just try it!” – Mike, 32


“Don’t be afraid to talk about your desires. I mean, sex is kinda mutual, so you both would feel good if are able to speak about what you wanna try in bed or what isn’t that great for you.” – Chris, 25


“Toys can bring so much more flavor to your sex life! My ex loved experimenting with toys and I must say that it really spiced up our relationship.” – Dave, 23


“Don’t make sex a routine! Try new spots in your house, go on a romantic vacation, make it a threesome. There’s nothing worse than having scheduled sex.” – Ross, 35


“I find it incredibly sexy when we are looking into each other’s eyes during sex. It’s not a very common advice and many people underestimate it but it makes you feel incredible intimate” – Matt, 27


“Don’t worry about all the sex tips and special rules. Just relax and do what you feel is right for you. The important thing here is to be in the moment and focus on your partner. Not thinking about how to make it right” – Tom, 29

Hope these little sex tips will help you to improve your sex life.

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