5 Things Women Do Wrong On The First Date

5 Things Women Do Wrong On The First Date

Do you go on a number of first dates that never result in anything? Are you always worried about how you look and forget to put thought into how you come across? Do you wish that you had the secret to what NOT to do on that all important first date? There are generally a few common mistakes that far too many women make on a first date, and it can cost you dearly. If you feel that you are having trouble winning them over on the first date, then you may want to consider if you are making any of these mistakes and then avoid them like the plague!

Let’s face it—as women we want to impress and make things work, but we get a little nervous. It’s so normal to get caught up in how you look, but you also have to think about the way that you come across too. This is a fatal mistake to make for if you don’t consider the most common mistakes, then there’s a great chance that you are making them. Sad but true you may end up with a bunch of first dates only if you don’t consider your behavior or communication methods. They are easy enough to avoid, and therefore you can remain in control at all times.

If you are having a hard time getting things moving in the relationship department then you are probably making one of these mistakes. Here are some things to consider which will help you to see if you can move past this behavior and win over your date once and for all!

1. Talk about their exes or past relationships: The truth is that nobody really wants to hear about past relationship mistakes. Do NOT talk to your date about past relationships, mistakes you’ve made, or how your ex boyfriend wronged you. They don’t want to hear it, and they will think that you haven’t moved on. Immediately they will tune you out and they are ready for the date to be over with because they have deemed you unavailable. It’s easy enough to avoid this so just keep the past relationship talk for your girlfriends and avoid it at all costs on the first date.

2. Talk too much and not listen enough: Women have a tendency to chat away without even taking a breath. Yes, he wants to learn more about you and see that you can have a good conversation, but not at the cost of him being able to talk. It’s all about balance and you will see how well that works when you put it into play. Talk but listen and don’t get caught up in talking only about you or chatting his ear off, or the first date will be deemed a disaster.

3. Get nervous and eat nothing or drink too much: Yes, you’re nervous and there’s probably a good chance that he is too. Do not turn that nervous energy into making huge mistakes though, because you will regret it later. Do be sure to eat if you are going out to a restaurant, even if you keep it simple. Never drink too much because then you lose control and turn into a woman that is too forward. You may also do something that you don’t want to do and that is truly a bad situation for both parties!

4. Take things too far physically speaking: You may feel inclined to enjoy that all important first kiss, but do remain in control. If you get physical with this guy on the first date, then they may not be interested in you any further. You have to leave something to the imagination and if you don’t, then you come across as easy, and he will no longer have a need for it. Stay away of this and don’t fall into the trap of getting too physical too quickly.

5. Come across as too eager and therefore scare the person away: If you keep talking about your future goals or your desire for a relationship then you come off as desperate. Don’t do this! Keep it light, laid back, and don’t put all your cards on the table. Keep him guessing so that he wants the second date because he finds you intriguing, and you will never fall into this trap again!

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