5 things you don’t have to ask for in a healthy relationship

5 things you don’t have to ask for in a healthy relationship

Of course, we all want to be in a healthy relationship – the one, where you and your partner communicate and meet each other needs. However, you can’t always see your relationship from the other side and can be sure if they are healthy or not. Here we got 5 things that are totally normal for most of the couples and that you won’t have to ask for in a healthy relationship.


It goes without saying that both partners should have a basic level of respect for each other. And this includes never having to remind each other to be kinder with your words. If you feel that you have to ask your partner to respect you, or that you have to constantly prove your worth, then the relationship isn’t as healthy as it should be.


Trust is the core issue of any healthy relationship. It is one of the cornerstones of a healthy relationship, so you likely won’t find yourself asking for validation, or questioning your partner’s commitment levels. You should never have to ask your partner to trust you, ’cause this would mean that your relationship is not quite healthy.

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Alone time

Sure, being together with your love interest is great, but you will need some time on your own. In a healthy relationship, you should never have to ask for a chance to spend time by yourself. Whether that means relaxing alone on the weekends, visiting different friend groups, or having solo hobbies, your partner should understand that spending some time apart is both healthy and normal.

Confirmations of love

Never ask your partner: “Do you love me?”. When you’re in a healthy relationship, it won’t feel like you have to ask for these things — as it’ll already be known.


In a healthy relationship, you should never have to ask your partner if they are telling you the truth. You should have open communication and know that neither of you will lie about anything that could harm your relationship.

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