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Here's Why Couples Who Fight a Lot Actually Love Each Other More

“It seems hard to believe but scientists claim that couple who are fighting a lot”
By Alex Glover March 19, 2019

Here's Why Couples Who Fight a Lot Actually Love Each Other More

“It seems hard to believe but scientists claim that couple who are fighting a lot”
By Alex Glover March 19, 2019

It seems hard to believe but scientists claim that couple who are fighting a lot actually love each other more than other couples! Apparently, there has been a research which showed that 44% of married couples actually believe that fighting at least once a week helps them to keep their relationship healthy and even love each other more. It seems a little absurd, though we took a look at some of the reasons why this is actually working and realized that it may make sense.

Fighting helps you to communicate

Arguing is actually a pretty huge part of communication and it's hard to imagine our life without it. It's pretty obvious that you and your partner are two different people and you have different points of view on some things. So having a fight over something and showing your own opinion can't be a bad thing. Especially if you are trying to build trust in your relationship.

Don't be afraid to point on differences you have. You can't always give way to your partner's decision only. If you want your relationship to become a long-term, fighting from time to time is definitely good for you.

Fighting reveals your passion

If you always stay calm, your relationship will also be calm. It's good (in a way) but it gets boring pretty quickly. And if you want your relationship to be filled with passion, you need to turn all your saved energy on making your relationship more passionate and emotional.

You know how in movies the couple fights and then the second after they start making out. Well, it's not just a movie cliche. Fighting over something can bring you on the edge and turning your anger into a sexual passion will actually spice up your relationship a lot.

Fighting is s sign of a mature relationship

Do you feel like dating in your teen years was much easier? No, dating didn't change. But you did. Being responsible for your actions and trying to solve your problems is a sign that you matured a lot. Fighting also meant that you are able to speak your mind clearly for your partner and you both are able to be responsible enough to solve problems together.

Fighting shows that you care

You might be upset when your partner starts arguing with you but don't feel that way. Fighting with your partner shows that you really care about them and it's a sign of true love. Just remember: how often do you fight with your parents or siblings? And how often do you start an argument with a total stranger? Exactly. The same goes with your partner. So if you fight a lot, don't think that your relationship is in trouble. Maybe it's actually a sign of great love.

Fighting is a sign of a healthy relationship

Why do people think that if a couple ever fights it means that something is wrong in their relationship? In reality, it is always the opposite. If a couple never argues and never had even a tiny fight, it may be a sign that something in this relationship isn't quite right. A good, healthy relationship is always built on communication. And, as we said before, it's impossible for two people to communicate and never argue about anything. Expressing your opinion and feelings will only benefit your relationship, so don't be afraid to start a little fight as it might actually make you love each other even more.

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Though, don't think that all fights are good for your relationship. To make this thing work out you need to know some rules:

  • The first rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Club
  • Respect each other Don't insult each other during your fights. Use arguments as a way of communication.
  • Apologize Don't be afraid to say sorry. You should admit that you can be wrong as well and there is nothing bad in admitting it.
  • Don't appeal to other people No matter how big your conflict is, it's always better to solve it between you two without appealing to third parties. In some cases, your friends and relatives may help you to bring you back together but mostly it won't cause anything good for your relationship.

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