Asking a Girl Out: 5 Steps to Succeed

Asking a Girl Out: 5 Steps to Succeed

Using apps like Meetville lets you meet your perfect partner just in a few minutes. It’s the easy part, and after a chat when you got to know each other better, you want to ask a girl out. Following these 5 steps would help you to ask a girl (or maybe a guy) out smoothly and easily.

Pay attention to the conversation

Analyzing your conversation on chat would really help you to understand her and her preferences. The topics you erased in your chat would already tell you a lot about her personality and what you can possibly do on your . Does she like to talk and has a lot of friends? You can try going for a walk or to a cafe to spend more time talking to each other. She’s really shy and doesn’t like to share something personal? It might be better to invite her to a place with a lot of people around like cinema, so she’d have some time to get used to you.

Think of possible date topics

When you’ll finally meet in real life you won’t be able to google possible date topics if there’ll be an awkward pause. So, think about possible topics ahead. Probably it would be something you’ve already talked about or some new topics related to the old ones. Like if you have discussed her favorite movie, now it possible to ask her if she prefers it to the book, or talk about the soundtracks. 

Ask her what she wants before suggesting

What if you’d like to surprise her with movie tickets, but you didn’t know that she has already watched it? Or you invite her to Water Park when she’s terribly afraid of water. Consider the fact that you are still getting to know each other, so sometimes it’s better to ask ahead than face an uncomfortable situation later. 

Make mental notes of things she has mentioned

It would be much easier for you to find an idea for the date if you’d make mental notes during your chat on the app. Maybe once she mentioned that she loves white roses, so imagine how impressed she would be when you’d bring them to your !

You’ll never know if you never ask 

If the girl is still chatting with you and you have at least something in common, be sure: she would never say no!

Furthermore, you know how they say: “If you never try, you’ll never know”. So, don’t waste your chance and ask her out 😉

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Hope these simple steps helped you to ask her out. And if you still don’t have this girl – don’t forget to install Meetville app on Android and iOS right now and go on a date with local !

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