5 phases of dating that everyone goes through

5 phases of dating that everyone goes through

If you are not sure what goes next when you’re with someone, there are certain stages of a relationship to expect.

You may think that your relationship with this person is very special and not the same as everyone else’s but in reality, most of the couples agree that they are always following similar patterns when they are dating different people. So, let’s see what they are to be prepared for all dating stages that await you in your future relationship.

1. Best behavior

It is obvious that we don’t want to mess things up from the first meeting, that’s why on the first (and even second and third dates) are very polite, attentive, sensitive and patient. It’s only natural that people want to show their best behavior at first, but don’t get fooled by it and wait for the next stages to really see this person.

2. Rose-colored glasses

It might be the most romantic stage of your relationship. The euphoria of a new relationship and the perfection of your crush is at its highest and you see everything through rose-colored glasses. Eventually, it will wear off, so you should enjoy this time while you can.

3. Valley of disappointment

You finally start seeing this person’s true colors. Sure, you may get disappointed in your partner and it is the most popular stage for couples to break up. However, it’s important to stay understanding of your partner’s flaws and try to accept them.

4. Getting wiser

This is the dating stage when you have to make your mind. At this point, you know your partner’s strong and weak sides and it’s time to analyze your relationship and decide whether you can accept it and live with this person or you both should move on.

5. The ultimate goal

After all these stages you finally know that this person is perfect for you and you want to have a happily-ever-after with them. This is the stage of pure happiness and , and it’s only up to you how long will it last.

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