5 modern Cinderellas who managed to marry a prince

5 modern Cinderellas who managed to marry a prince

Yes, this happens not only in fairy tales: a prince can be found just around the corner. And here are some examples of beautiful and smart girls from ordinary families who were able to win the hearts of princes and kings and prove that it’s possible to become a Cinderella in reality.

At least once, every woman dreamed of marrying a real prince or even a king to find out what it was like to live in a real castle full of servants and beautiful clothes. Some of the ordinary were lucky enough to marry the real representatives of royal blood.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Perhaps the most popular story of a happy of an ordinary girl and a prince. The wedding of Kate and Prince William took place in 2011 and was called the wedding of the decade: for the first time an ordinary girl from a completely non-aristocratic family became part of the British royal family.

Letizia Ortiz, Queen of Spain

Queen Letizia, beloved by the Spaniards, dreamed of becoming a journalist since childhood and worked on television after graduation. She married the heir to the throne at 32 and already managed to divorce her previous husband. But since the first marriage was a civil one, the Catholic Church didn’t object to the royal marriage.

Charlene Lynette Wittstock, Princess of Monaco

The swimming champion from South Africa met her future husband, the Prince of Monaco, at sports competitions. The wedding happened after 11 years of a stormy love affair: lovers were together or broke up, but eventually got married.

Sonja Haraldsen, Queen of Norway

Queen Sonja intended to devote her life to fashion design and continue the family tradition. But instead, she met Prince Harald – their secret meetings lasted for nine years, but then the couple went to the altar and later to the throne. The prince even threatened to renounce the crown if he was not allowed to marry his beloved.

Kiko Kawashima, Princess Akishino 

Prince Fumihito studied with Kiko at the university. They had to hide the fact of their engagement for three years. The bride turned out to be not only of ordinary but also of a rather poor origin. According to the traditions of the imperial house, the wedding was not supposed to take place, but it happened. At the same time, another centuries-old tradition was violated – the current emperor married earlier than his older brother.

All these examples show that it’s quite possible to meet a prince in a cafe, university or at competitions. Who knows, maybe your love is somewhere nearby …

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