5 Etiquette Musts for the Modern Gentleman

5 Etiquette Musts for the Modern Gentleman

It sometimes feels as if chivalry is dead. It may seem as if the notion of a perfect gentleman doesn’t exist anymore. So many women have submitted themselves to the fact that they may never meet their prince. The truth however is that there are some really great guys out there. You can find a true gentleman and you can ensure that he knows how to treat you right.

So what if you’re a guy that’s trying to impress a woman? How can you be sure to show her that you do care and that you use good manners and proper etiquette to win her over? Though you may feel a bit unsure, it’s ultimately about getting back to basics. It’s about treating women with respect and ensuring that they see that you are a gentleman who is doing this for all the right reasons.

1. He holds the door for her: A man that opens the car door and every other door that you encounter knows how to be a gentleman. This is such a simple gesture but yet tells her so much. It shows that you care and it shows that you want to treat her right, and this will help to win her over. Just be sure that you make this an effort and you can show off your proper etiquette with a simple gesture you should be maintaining anyhow.

2. He listens attentively when she is talking: Far too many men make it all about them. The man who pays close attention to a woman when she is talking breaks the mold. He is truly tuned into her, he genuinely wants to hear what she has to say, and he shows that he cares in a really wonderful way. He is attentively focused on this woman and it shows in her response.

3. He tunes into major details about her: He doesn’t just listen, but he actually pays attention. He is tuned into her and what she shares about herself. He may use these details to make her feel special in the future. It may be planning a date all around her, picking a restaurant that she likes, or just doing something nice based around details that he has learned about her at some point in time.

4. He shows respect even in little ways: He doesn’t push things too far too fast. He is respectful of her and this speaks volumes. He shows that he cares by making her an important part of his day. He is respectful, kind, and dedicated to showing her that she matters. The respect that he shows is a good way to demonstrate that he is truly a genuine.

5. He is genuine, caring, and uses good manners before her: It’s about showing good manners in the obvious things. It’s also about being committed to each date and giving his undivided attention. He isn’t distracted and he’s not being insincere or disrespectful to her at all. He cares and he shows that by the way that he acts each and every time that they see each other.

Though it may seem as if there are no more gentlemen out there, you can find one if you look hard enough. A true gentleman shows good manners and really wants to impress his woman in the best way possible. These are all good signs of a perfect gentleman and proof that you have found a keeper.

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