4 Surefire Ways to Get the Ladies Chasing You

4 Surefire Ways to Get the Ladies Chasing You

Do you want to be the guy that women can’t get enough of? Are you tired of watching other guys get the woman that you want? Are you ready to change your strategy and get those ladies that you want once and for all? Then it’s time to learn what ladies like and appeal to that once and for all.

Though you might think that being cocky or showing off your material items is a way to get the women, you’d be wrong. It’s all about appealing to what the right type of woman wants and keeping things interesting. Women like a bit of a chase as much as men do, and they also like a man that knows how to treat a lady. So if you can successfully combine the two things and be yourself, you’ll have the ladies running after you.

Here’s how to make the ladies chase you and to show them that you are a great guy at that.

1. Make eye contact, smile, and set a comfortable tone with nonverbal: This works both ways because women need to embrace the concept of nonverbal communication. Rather than approaching a hot woman at a bar, try to get her attention with a well placed smile. Maintain eye contact with her and gently brush against her when you pass by.

This will drive her wild and show her that you are an interesting guy. You also aren’t giving into the stereotypical notion of hitting on her or coming on too strong — you’re letting the nonverbal tell her everything!

2. Be easy to talk to, listen, and be sure to be funny: Many men seem to struggle with the idea of good conversation at first. Don’t let your nerves get in the way at the beginning, just find something you can talk to her about. A good balance of talking and listening shows her that you are a good solid guy.

Women go crazy for a funny guy too, and that can’t be said enough. Be the guy that gets her to laugh and you’ll have her for keeps. Women long for a guy who can talk and make her laugh, so this is a true winning combination!

3. Treat her well, don’t try too hard but know how to treat a woman: Treating a woman with respect, especially early on is a surefire way to win her over. You’re not trying to get her into bed, but actually trying to get to know her.

Think of what you learned early on about treating women right, and it will show from that first meeting. Women want to feel cherished and a big part of that is finding a guy who will treat her well and respect her — and the word will catch on that you are a guy of true substance!

4. Keep her guessing, be slightly mysterious, and leave the door open for next steps: Don’t put all your cards on the table or you become boring or predictable. Keep her guessing and make her work for it a little bit.

Women love to overanalyze and want a man that they can’t necessarily predict the next move for. So take the time to work on your game, still being respectful, but keeping things interesting and keeping the door open to what may lie ahead and what’s next.

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