4 Successful Ways to Win over Any Man

4 Successful Ways to Win over Any Man

Do you want to know the secrets to winning over the man of your dreams? Better yet do you want to be in control of your dating presence and win every time? If you feel like you have no clue as to how to win over a good man, then it’s time to learn how. If you can remember what interests men and really learn how to embrace your assets, then that’s half the battle right there.

So many of us feel that putting everything out on the table is a winning strategy—and this simply isn’t true! You want to keep things interesting for him, yet you also want to balance making him see that you are interested. It’s about making him feel special without going overboard. Being open and forthcoming and yet mysterious. There are a lot of things to battle and you want to learn how to make the most of this.

To win any man over means that you are able to think through your strategy but then execute it without trying too hard. A man loves a woman that is approachable yet is challenging enough to make him work for it a bit. So here are some helpful ways to win that man over and to ensure that he’s into you so that you hold all the power.

1. Listen to him and indulge in letting him talk about himself a bit:

Sure you want and need to talk about yourself, but let him be the center of attention for awhile. Men love to talk about themselves and to win him over you want to appear interested. Not at the cost of being somebody that you are not, but if he wants to tell you about an accomplishment or his fantasy football league, then just indulge him a little. When men see that you are interested in what they have to say, that’s a surefire winning strategy. Don’t be afraid to practice a bit of active listening as it will come back to you tenfold moving forward!

2. Know how to flirt and really keep things interesting:

Flirting is a huge part of winning men over, so you have to embrace this skill within dating. Let him see that you are interesting in this way and it will entice him to learn more. This doesn’t mean that you are provocative or over the top, but it does mean that you know how to put yourself out there in a fun flirty way. Appeal to his senses by dressing the part and really feeling good about what makes you somebody worth talking to. Eye contact, light touches on the arm, and a well played swish of your hair can really show him that you are a fun and flirty type of girl that he’ll want to know more about.

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