4 Steps to Finding the Woman of Your Dreams

4 Steps to Finding the Woman of Your Dreams

Have you ever feel as if you’ve dated a lot of women, but nobody that has really captured your attention. You’re tired of going on dates that end in disaster, or that make you still want to keep going in the process. Though you may very well enjoy the benefits of being single, you are ready to settle down a bit.

If you really want to find the woman that makes you feel ready to settle down, then you have to be clear on what you want. Take time to gain some perspective, and do a bit of soul searching — you need to know what you want before you can find her! If you want to stop dating just to date and really enjoy a meaningful relationship, then it’s time to settle down with a woman that makes you truly happy.

Here are the steps to finding the woman of your dreams and enjoying a relationship that makes you happy and allows you to be yourself.


Take the time to really analyze what you want so you know what to look for

If you don’t do some soul searching early on then you will end up dating just for fun moving forward. If you are ready to settle down and really be happy for the long term, then you have to identify what you are looking for in a woman. This goes beyond just the physical attraction and runs into what type of a person she is. So do take time to think about what you want and identify what that looks like in the woman of your dreams for you.


Open yourself up to possibilities in dating that you often overlooked 

Maybe you were the type of guy that only dated a woman you met at a club or bar in the past. How did that work out for you? If you often overlooked more targeted dating such as set ups by friends and family, then it may be time to open up your options. If you want to find that dream woman then you may need to try new avenues to uncover the type of woman that you want to really be with.


Put yourself out there and date for meaning and purpose, and not just for fun anymore 

You’ve likely dated for fun or just for sex in the past, but now you want to date for meaning in a relationship. That means changing your outlook and mindset and really putting yourself out there to get the things you want in return. You may be vulnerable at times or open to a different way of doing things, but it will narrow the playing field — and you will end up finding a woman that wants the same things as you too!


Take the time to get to know her and to really determine if she’s got what you want in a woman for the long-term 

Don’t just jump into bed or count her out if something little doesn’t settle well with you. Be open-minded and really take the time to get to know her for who she is. If she’s got what you want as a woman for the long term, then you need to take time to get to know it. You may know by instinct, but you may also need to take your time to see what she’s all about. Just changing your approach and mindset in this way will help you to uncover your dream woman with ease.

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