3 Ways to Tell You’ve Got a Shot With Her

3 Ways to Tell You’ve Got a Shot With Her

Are you often left wondering if you have a shot with this girl that you’re admiring? Do you usually make a move and then find out the hard way that she’s really not that into you? Do you wish that you had a better instinct and way of telling if you should try to move things forward? If you can share in these feelings, you are definitely not alone.

If you want to know if this is going to be a worthwhile situation then you have to learn to evaluate the situation. You have to get into the mindset of women and know how to move forward and win her over. If you try to push things too far too fast, this will turn her off. If you try to be somebody that you’re not or only try to impress her, then it’s going to end in disaster. If you want to get a shot with her, then there are some basic principles to keep in mind.

Here’s how to tell if you have a shot with this woman, and if there is any potential moving forward.

1. She is showing you very positive and inviting body language: Even before you talk you can tell that there is potential here with her. She is maintaining eye contact the entire time, even after you start talking. She has a smile that draws you in and she is opening her posture to you. She stands and looks at you while you talk and her body language is telling you everything you need to know. This isn’t to be confused with her telling you that she wants a physical relationship, but you have a chance at moving forward with her if you keep things light and easy.

2. She seems genuinely interested in talking to you and the conversation is flowing freely: Good conversation is at the epicenter of a successful relationship, and it all starts early on. No matter how you met her, the conversation is just easy. She really wants to hear what you have to say, and she also wants to share things about herself. It’s a good indication that she wants to see more of you if she can talk with ease to you, and so it’s up to you to keep that conversation going to get things to move along.

3. She is smiling a lot and seems really positive overall: You’re not going to get anywhere with the negative closed off woman. The woman, however , that is positive, smiling a lot, and seems content is the one you have a shot with. She is giving off a good positive vibe and that tells you all that you need to know. You make her feel good, and that shows her promise. Keep making her smile and there’s a good chance that things could move forward in a big way with her.

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