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  • Stanton


    Man. 40 years old. Zodiac sign: Leo.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 37-47

    Hi thanks for looking. I have and enjoy and good sense humor and well being. I am a person who is mentally awake and like learning about the ways of the world and why things are the way they are. I would rather have my mind opened by wonder than closed by belief. I love *** with my daughter and watching her grow up into caring, thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful person.I enjoy hanging out with my friends, good conversations, doing outdoorsy things, listening to music, playing my drums, going to a show and being creative. I listen to everything from metal to jazz, classical, rock etc.I would be interested in finding someone with similar values and interests. Meet somewhere for a drink and if there is a connection.

  • Countrygirl


    Woman. 24 years old. Zodiac sign: Capricorn.

    Looking for: man. In age: 19-35

    I can't message u back add me in *** or text me ***

  • Amandre


    Woman. 33 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 20-40

    Hi! My name is Amandre. I am never married other white woman without kids from Holton, Michigan, United States. Now I'm looking for new relationships. I want to meet a woman, love of my life.

  • Adaliah


    Man. 37 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 34-44

    profile 3.6There's a lot to read here, this profile is LONG.... Those of you who are looking for a GOOD relationship, with a GOOD man, will take the time to read. Those that are just 'samplers' wont take the time. This is part one of how I figure out who is right for me.Well, I have been here before.... Just looking for fun, but in the end, that's a lonely game... I'd rather not be alone, so I'm here this time to find a 'Partner', to join me on this journey. Whenever I look at a new profile, the first thing I ask myself, is if I could imagine myself falling in love with her.... I'm a romantic at heart.....Let's build our lives together, like we're building a fortress.... Able to withstand anything!So, I'm the kind of guy, who works hard, and lots of hours..... I'll just get that out of the way, right from the word go....I am driven, and want to build a GREAT LIFE, with a GREAT PARTNER!I have 'had it all' before, and I have lost it all before... I know what ingredients need to be in my life, to have it all again, and I am building it.The most important part of a 'good life' for me, is having someone to share it with.I am the kind of guy, who always carves his own path... I have always had more success as the 'employer' not the 'employee' (though I have a good job now, which pays me well... I am working, to work for myself in the end)A good relationship, is like any business. Fail to take a regular inventory and it will usually go broke.I am a man who is constantly open to change, and looking for a woman who is too... So we can constantly build, and improve our lives, to surpass any goals...I'm not gonna lie, I'm looking for a 'mate', the same way I would look for a business partner... I am looking for someone who has strengths, where I am weak, and who can use my strengths to hold them up where they are not the strongest. I am looking to build a relationship, like I would a business, too... With a PLAN!I really love to cook! I think I'm pretty good at it, and those who eat what I make... well, they SAY they like it..I'd like to find someone to cook for, often enough that I have to learn some new dishes... I'd hate to bore you....I have strengths, and weaknesses... I expect you do to... Let's work together to find the perfect balance.....When I say 'partner', it's the best way I can describe what I'm really looking for. Someone to join me in the struggles, and victories, of everyday life....Someone who is good with money, I can definitely make it, but lord knows where I *** who can pull me back, and be the voice of reason, when I get on a roll, and show my impulsive side....Someone who likes that I am a thinker, and that I usually think of things in ways that most people don't...Someone who likes my creativity, and brings some of their own to join...My work ethicThis is perhaps the most important part of me. The part that will let you know, if you want to be with me. This carries through every part of my life, including relationships..... A very wise man once told me, "Relationships are WORK, if you are diligent, this will be the best paying job you ever had".....-I do hard work, outdoors.-Day in/Day out, I am there, rain or shine.... I don't call in sick, unless I'm on my death bed.-If I get dirty, I keep working. If I get wet, I keep working. If I get HURT (and don't require medical attention), I keep working.-If I get called in at 3am, I go to work, even if I only had 3 hours of sleep.-If the job I'm on gets messed up, and takes twice as long as it should, I don't complain, it's my job....-I do whatever needs to be done, as long as it doesn't compromise my morals, or the safety of myself or anyone around me.-I cant always do it with a smile on my face, because it's hard, but I always do it.-I expect to be paid well, and I am, because I do what lots of men can't, or won't.-I am not the BEST operator, there's always someone I can learn from, but I am GOOD at what I do.-I will always lend a hand to another guy on a job site, if I can, I don't expect thanks. Karma will put someone there when I need a hand.-I'm not anyone's 'dog or slave'. I don't care if you are a laborer, or the owner of the company, I will treat you with respect, and I expect the same from you.-if I leave site to go to Timmies, I buy a box of coffee, so everyone can have some, NOT just one for myself.Relationships are work, this is how I work.Imagination is our only limitation, you bring yours, I'll bring mine, and let's see what we can imagine together.*honesty* I make good money, and can afford to travel, and see the world, but without a partner, I have a hard time saving that money, or picking a place to travel to.... A partner, with the same dreams, gives me reason to show restraint, and save my money for more important things.That, and I'm crap with a budget, so a girl who can budget, helps me make the most of my income. Well If you sit down, With this ol' clown,I'll take that frown, and break it..... -Tom Waits-I'm a bit of a dork sometimes..... just saying.Coffee always works..... If you don't like coffee, have something else... Going for a coffee is an easy way to get acquainted, and decide together what the next step should be....Maybe the first time we meet, it's just a quick coffee, to get a feel for each other, in anticipation of a real first date, in the near future. Maybe we meet for coffee, things click, and we go for dinner, or do an activity from there...I LOVE sex, don't get me wrong, but if I am really interested in you, this first meet/date, will probably not be ending in the sack... When that happens, I want it to be intimate, not just physical. I'd like if it was a 'bonding' experience... I would like sex to be the GARNISH that is *** my already good relationship, to make it just that much better.... NOT the glue that holds a bad relationship together.... I've been there one too many times before...*Don't get me wrong, if we are having a good time, but don't honestly see things going anywhere, then there's nothing to ruin with a fun shag... And I am no prude!If There's any REAL interest, a possibility of something more, I won't be wrecking things by letting it go that way too fast...Besides, what's hotter than WANTING? Taking the time to connect, while physical attraction is already in place, will only make it sweeter when it ***

  • Jalen


    Man. 38 years old. Zodiac sign: Capricorn.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 35-45

    My biggest hobby is cycling. I am training to do three Grand Fondo races this year; I also enjoy wine tasting and trying new restaurants. I really enjoy movies of all types from Casablanca to Iron Man. I love to read a great book on the couch on a cold day. I have started doing yoga to try something new. I my career is in the restaurant industry, I love my career its given me the ability to live in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. I have returned to Calgary to buy a condo and be close to my family. I have a simple philosophy about life; I work to live not live to work. I enjoy almost all types of music can't really pick a favorite, as long as you can dance to it I'm in! First dates for me depend on the woman I'm going out with. I like to make the first date more about her than me.

  • Digory


    Man. 39 years old. Zodiac sign: Libra.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 36-46

    Cyber dating in a nutshell... Heres me... "Hello, how are you?" Heres you "Ohhhh my god who is this frrrreakshow talk'n to,like whateverrrrrr!!!!" Gotta love it. Oh it say's I need more blah blah blah dee blah blah blah...... Maybe a coffee/tea and some friendly conversation.

  • Bennet


    Man. 37 years old. Zodiac sign: Aries.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 34-44

    I'm a hard working man who doesn't know what a 9 to 5 job is I love my job and currently starting an excavating company with one of my best friends and I'm Looking for someone who understands the dedication and rewards for hard work.I'm a father of two beautiful little ones . I do everything I can to be the best dad I can be whether it's hours at the park or playing Barbie I'm all in . They live mostly with their mom but they need a dad and I do any and everything I can to make sure their happy and loved. I love hanging at home watching movies , l enjoy cooking , bbq's I'm not much for getting dressed up and going out although I'm sure the right woman will change that if she needs too,and I'm good with that if it makes you smile ! Although life is busy I have plenty of time to have a heathy loving relationship and combine our two worlds together .I don't drink ,but I'm not against you having a glass or two of wine or what ever it is but I'm not into drinkers and the drama that comes with it .And come hockey season it's Canucks all the way ! And I grew up playing football in BC so ya lions too !

  • Bre


    Woman. 52 years old. Zodiac sign: Libra.

    Looking for: man. In age: 40-60

    Hi! My name is Bre. I am divorced other white woman without kids from Holton, Michigan, United States. Now I'm looking for new relationships. I want to meet a man, love of my life.

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