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  • Alanna


    Woman. 53 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: man. In age: 50-60

    I'm a single femaleI enjoy ***, travel, dancing and having a good time. I love watching football and a big fan of it. I love to cook also.I enjoy going to different events. I enjoy going out or just relaxing with that *** Love to get out and just enjoy life. Looking for someone fairly close. Not into the long long distance relationships.I do work 2 jobs also.I prefer someone with no kids or older ones. NON SMOKERS PLEASE I would like to have dinner in a nice quite resturant and get to know each other. Maybe a movie or dancing. Always enjoy going to events.

  • Orlenda


    Woman. 51 years old. Zodiac sign: Pisces.

    Looking for: man. In age: 48-58

    I'm really a homebody but love to go dancing on occasion. We need another disco era. LOL. Nice dinners out are great fun along with live theater or just a movie. Sitting on a blanket on the floor in front of a fireplace listening to music or playing a game board (ie., Scrabble, Risk, Candyland) is great entertainment. Fantasy fiction/science fiction/comedy/animal are my favorite kinds of movies and books. I can't do horror. My imagination is too vivid for that. I prefer a concert in the park then going to a concert in a stadium. I enjoy all kinds of music except for rap and acid/hard rock. Walks, hiking, bicycle riding, trail horse riding and boating are also things I enjoy. I fish and bait my own hook. I'm wanting to learn to sail. A good book, movie or video game at home is highly enjoyed also. Having a get together to play cards is a fun evening. I play pincocle, but all card games are an option. Pleasant conversation around a campfire having a few beers is also a highlight. I'm open to new things but don't like to be pushed to participate in events that I don't care for. Unfortunately, I'm too polite to object too loudly until it finally reaches a point of disappointment on the others part. If I go and I like it I'll say so. I love surprises as long as they are the pleasant kind. I love to laugh and am a diehard optimist. I believe my glass is always half full and can find a positive outcome for any situation. I don't like to argue but won't compromise my values and beliefs. I can agree to disagree. I love to cook, mostly southern style but like most styles of cuisines. My kitchen is my home. The rest is a dwelling with homey touches. I believe that people are influenced by one of their senses, ie., sight, touch, creativity. Mine is smell and taste. I hate driving through cities with strong odors. I will drive an alternate route just to avoid it but I do love to travel. I'm a tourist by heart. I *** years in the military and enjoyed most of those years traveling. I'd rather travel by car if in the united states using a GPS going the back roads. I will passenger on the back of a motorcycle but have no interest in learning to ride one. I have absolutely no sense of direction but I never get lost. I just have adventures. I enjoy animals from dogs, horses, cats and chickens roughly in that order. I'm not afraid to get dirty but love to dress up too. My aspirations in life are simple. I don't have to be at the top but a good job to enjoy life is a must because bills come first so I can go play with whats left. Work hard-play hard.As for what I'm looking for in a companion.......Someone with similar tastes as me and someone who accepts me for who I am without trying to change me to be what they want me to be. I am an extremely flexible person but I like who I am and want to stay that way. I like to think I'm honest and straight forward and almost blunt.Blunt and rude are two totally different animals. I would like to meet someone who is the same.If you don't have a picture up or I can't see your face don't bother contacting me. It makes me feel you have something to hide. To meet:A cup of coffee in a public place.A date:A nice dinner or picnic in the park and conversation.Dinner and dancing.A hiking trip with a picnic lunch.Open to try new things or old standbysA tourist event

  • Myrta


    Woman. 52 years old. Zodiac sign: Pisces.

    Looking for: man. In age: 49-59

    I'm loving and kind. I love music, reading, getting together with friends and hanging out. I love living in the city; however to lay looking up at the stars out in the country where there is nothing but you and the big open sky is breathtaking. I'd love to travel more in the future especially internationally. I'm told I'm very easy to talk to. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new and different things about cultures, life, pretty much anything. Cuddling ***of my favorite things to do. I love the beach or the mountains, both have their own beauty to appreciate and take in. I enjoy a football game as well as going to the ballet. Deep conversations are a love of mine, discussing any and all subjects learning the views and opinions of the other person. I don't have to have someone that agrees with me on everything just need mutual respect of the differences. I love almost every kind of music and I have been reading some of the classic authors over the last couple of years. I love to write both music and literature but dislike writing things about myself. If you really would like to know me and what I am truly like to laugh with, talk with and at the very least find out what kind of a friend I am ***let me know. I'd like to *** either over coffee or dinner getting to know you. Looking into your eyes, watching your expressions as we laugh and talk. Learning everything about you, hearing your laughter.....see where things go for the evening.

  • Lakeisha


    Woman. 51 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: man. In age: 48-58

    I finally got the big D been a long time coming.. I am honest,funny,somewhat of a loner, not into big crowds,like drives in the country,Don't like head games.MY goal in life is to find someone that will make me happy,make me feel like a woman . :-),love me for who I am, not what I can do for you. You treat me right I treat you the same. I want to be needed and loved and for someone that wants to be with me.WANT TO FINISH MY BOOK. Yes I do smoke, so if that bothers you, I completely understand if your not interested. But if i don't mind if your a smoker too, that would be great. If your a drinker, that's ok. As long as it's a social type drinking. Not in excess. Thanks Dinner and conversation, possibly a walk while talking. Taking the time to get to know someone. Don't have to go out to dinner, only if we chose too. I like just sitting at a park on a nice day , to talk about our likes and dislikes. Must have some sort of attraction to each other. MUST HAVE HUMOR, I LIKE MAKING JOKES AND LISTENING TO JOKES. LOVE LISTENING TO MUSIC AND OCCASIONAL DANCING IF I FEEL LIKE IT. I AM NOT A BAR SCENE PERSON. HAVEN'T BEEN IN A BAR FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW.

  • Nyla


    Woman. 53 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: man. In age: 50-60

    Hello Everybody,and thanks for stopping by.Hope you find something you enjoy, as you go thur all the profiles on here.Okay now let's get this party started..Who's looking for FUN,LOVE,and HAPPINESS!!We are that's who,so do you feel we could possibly be a match?If so please continue reading.I love to cook and bake for family and friends,special occasions,or whenever,i have a HUGE heart,love helping others. Always helping out animals that where in need of help.See the glass as half full in case u might get thirsty.Love to make u laugh and laugh everyday that's the key to life,love,laugh,live,dancing,singing,acting a fool,making my family and friends feel loved and happy.Enjoying riding on motorcycles & horses.Enjoy horse racing,use to have one. I love music,but my least favorites are Country,Rap,Opera.Go to gym,or work-out *** home just get some sort of excerise People..get up, let's go burn some calories..r u n?Must like some form of excerise to stay in good shape.Love to dance have all of my life,great way to stay in shape and have fun.Don't like slobs,or messy people,I'm into clean and organization.. I would like to find someone who wants the same things in life that i do,well don't we all? I know i left somethings out but if u want to know more just ask.Also enjoy,snorkeling,playing with the grandchildren,festival's,concert's,love surprises,picnic's,being ***'s dirty clean it,hungry feed it,hurt love it..Did i get some or all of your attention,then let's talk. Start at a recreational park,love the games and activities,and so much fun,(if U like this)out to eat like SEAFOOD my favorite. Doesn't have to be expensive just great food/out dancing if not tired from the park..if date doesn't go well,least had fun..thanks for reading and have a bless and safe life..

  • Elliana


    Woman. 55 years old. Zodiac sign: Taurus.

    Looking for: man. In age: 52-62

    I don't have a lot to say here, because, I feel you get to know someone for real once you actually engage in conversation, and people grow on one another. I think a lot of your interests become mutual when you have an attraction for one another, and maybe, just maybe, something you never had an interest in your whole life will suddenly become one of the most important things that ever happened to you. For now, I will say that I like classic rock, Q107, and will listen to most music, excluding rap, dance, or heavy metal, barbecues and beer, roadrunning and cow tipping, bonfires and watching meteor storms, being out on a boat, or snowmobiling, walks in the country with the right person. Just a night watching t.v. or the odd movie. I am very easy to please. The simple things in life make me happy. A genuine smile goes a very long way. I like working in the yard, or trying to do things around the house. There are some things you really need a man for. I am artsy, I do stained glass. I am very shy until I get to know you. (thought I should mention that I seem to be coming out of my shyness since corresponding with a few people now, depending on if I find you easy to talk to) Once you get to know me you will see that I have a very quirky sense of humor. I am very young at heart, and can be a lot of fun. I am a one man woman, and when and if I find love again, I want it to be mutual, and to last for the rest of our lives. I have a big heart, and a lot of love for the right ***should we meet. Friends first, and see where it goes from there. I just want someone to share and enjoy life, and to be happy with me. Time to create "new memories". Life is a journey. Would anyone like to partake in a new journey with me? *** We would have to work that one out together in order for us both to be comfortable. I would like to use this *** ask that you please not contact me if in reality - you really are too far away. I need to keep it real.My dog died... Lost her in early January. She was one of thee best!! And did live a long and happy life.Just added that so as to show I have no pets at present, but dogs are my pet of choice.Wee update...Just got a new little dog - 1yr old as of Sept.***still a lot of pup in her. She is beautiful!! A little shar-pei/beagle. For now...she fills a void.One of which would be most fulfilled with someone *** to find that one ***, and best of luck to everyone! Yah!!

  • Maranda


    Woman. 54 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: man. In age: 51-61

    I am a retired state employee and work PT for a car dealership. I enjoy cooking/baking (I have my baking diploma), travelling, outdoor activities (swimming, boating, etc.), bonfires, Nascar races. UK Basketball. I would like to meet someone with similiar interests. I like simple things in life, i.e. riding around in the country, truck pulls. Love going to the beach. Enjoy movies, especially comedies and nice love stories. Cuddling. Adventuresome. On the first date I would like to meet in a public place, maybe dinner, conversation, getting to know each other a little better.

  • Jerlene


    Woman. 54 years old. Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 51-61

    I moved to NC 6 yrs ago but still haven't met the right person so now I'm back in the pond. I've been divorced quite a while and would like to have someone in my life. My 2 sons are grown and now it's time for me to have some fun. Anyway, I work out about 5 times a week and eat very healthy and would like to find someone who shares that lifestyle. I believe in taking things slow and getting to know someone. No *** Not into playing games or drama. I just turned ***Yikes!) but am usually told I don't look my age. I guess that's a really good thing! I finally posted a picture but not the best representation since I really hate to have my picture taken. Still look pretty much the same. The picture is only about a year old. But at least you can hopefully see that I'm not ***lbs. That is the usual assumption! I don't need to lie or misrepresent myself. Why waste everyone's time? So, be brave, live dangerously and take a chance.P.S. If you really want to meet me, take the time to send me an *** too many "wants to meet you" but that doesn't show me any true interest. Something that affords conversation.

  • Comfort


    Woman. 51 years old. Zodiac sign: Capricorn.

    Looking for: man. In age: 48-58

    I\'m a God fearing person who enjoys life, *** with my family. I can do the beach or bowling, the mall or watching a movie at home. I’d like to meet a decent partner to create a good family.

  • Aleena


    Woman. 52 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 49-59

    This is the short version:I love to kick back with a glass of wine or pint of beer or forge ahead into the great outdoors. I'm a paddler and have my own canoe. I love adventuring in the city or out. I am a cat lady though dogs are cool too (and kids).I like midnight swims, ***, cooking over an open fire, dinners with friends, jeans and sweaters, good food, ice-cream, strong coffee (and 5 minute steeped tea). I like badminton, movies, books, dancing, singing, gardening, kissing, hiking, camping, feeling the wind against my face and the crunch of snow under my feet. I like to howl at the moon but I'm sometimes shy and need a push. Other times I light up a room.This is the longer version:I wanted to keep my profile short but perhaps I need to *** to who I am and what it is I'm looking for. Perhaps this will narrow the responses I get...I only need one.I'm not lonely. I like where I'm at in my life. I like what I do, the things I've discovered about myself and the roads I've traveled down. I have a great family and a wonderful and ever growing group of friends. If I find someone to hold hands with ...well, that would be lovely and that's why I'm here.I want that *** that two people have when they look at each other across a crowded room. It's cliche, but it works.We need to be on the same page when it comes to humour. There's no hope if we can't make each other laugh. I can be silly, the clown, witty, dry, sarcastic or just cute and goofy. If you can make me laugh you will win my heart. I hope that's how I will win yours.Dancing. I love to dance. If you dance like a crazy ass punk rocker than we may be perfect for each other. This is not a prerequisite. It would just be nice.I almost didn't put relationship because it puts so much pressure on that first meeting. Or maybe even more so on the next which would really be our first date. The first meeting is really to see if we're on the same page or at the very least, the same chapter. And see if there's an attraction.It's important. Attraction. For women it's not necessarily how good looking you are. It could be your words, your confidence, your shyness or boldness. It could be your love of the outdoors or the way you smile. I like earnestness. I like handy men. I like soul. I like someone that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. I like passion both with me and for the world. You needn't be vocal about your love of people and the earth. You just need to have it. It's important to me that your political views lean more to the left. I work-out because I have bad knees. I don't have a drop dead gorgeous body. I work-out so I can do the things I enjoy and not kill myself. I like to relax. I'm pretty laid back and so not high energy. I simply like to do a lot of different things. This doesn't mean I have an insurmountable amount of energy. In fact I need my down time. I'm not always good at communicating my feelings but I think it a very important part of keeping a relationship healthy. I like discussion. But I don't think we need to fill all the silence with words either. We all deserve respect and kindness. If we meet, let's keep it simple and easy and maybe at the very least have some intelligent conversation and a few laughs.I'm pragmatic. It's the journey, not the destination. Ok...the destination is good too!Yikes - That's one freakin' long profile. :) Let's meet and take it from there.

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