“Why won’t he kiss me?” – Reasons Why He Didn’t Kiss You On a Date

“Why won’t he kiss me?” – Reasons Why He Didn’t Kiss You On a Date

The date was great but you still feel like it is unfinished. The reason for that is that he didn’t you during or after the date. You keep asking yourself: “Why won’t he me?” but you can’t really find the answer.

Don’t worry, we’ve got some explanations for you. There might be several reasons why he didn’t kiss you on the date. Let’s check some of them and maybe you’ll find your reason why he still didn’t kiss you.

He is not sure yet

Maybe you had too little dates and he is still not sure about you and your future . So he doesn’t want to rush things out. Or it could also be possible that he is keeping you as a side chick and doesn’t want to show any signs of affection until he’ll be sure where it all will lead.

He is scared of you

Another reason might be that he is scared of being rejected by you. Maybe he thinks that you are too good for him or you show him with your behavior that you wouldn’t like being kissed by him. The best thing you can do here is to show him your true feelings so he would see that you won’t really reject him after that kiss.

There wasn’t the right moment

Did your date take place in a crowded cafe or restaurant? Were you something not very romantic? There will be a lot of questions you should ask yourself about your previous dates but the thing you should know is that men may also be vulnerable about such things as the first kiss. He might be waiting for the right time and the right moment to make your kiss perfect for both of you.

He doesn’t know what he wants

Are you sure that it’s a date and not a casual hang out? It could be possible that he likes you and wants to spend time with you but he doesn’t see any possibility for a romantic relationship between you. There is also a way that he is still not sure what he really wants from this relationship. That’s why he doesn’t want to start something new with you until he decides things for himself.

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He is not over his ex

A lot of people start a new relationship to get over their past. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work as it was planned. If he is still not over his ex he would never feel comfortable around you and he won’t be able to kiss you without thinking about his ex.

After all these reasons the question comes: “How to solve this problem?” Well, the easiest way would be asking him directly. Show him that you are ready and you want to kiss him and if he refuses to ask him what’s going on. If you haven’t found a good reason among the ones we have here, it would be better to just ask him.

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