Why Become an Online Dating Player?

Why Become an Online Dating Player?

Long-long time ago it was an unwritten law that only men could make the first step when it came to dating. Since that time everything has changed dramatically, however, there are still a lot of conservators who tend to think that women shouldn’t make this first move. But actually, we all know that this tradition is no more relevant. And if you’ve met someone you really like, don’t hesitate – move on!

Online dating websites make it even easier to start conversation with any person you like. In the virtual world we feel ourselves to be more protected sitting in front of the lap top. There are hundreds of various services aimed at helping even shy persons make the first step without any risks.

If you feel like you are not ready to start a direct conversation with the user you like you can always use one of the numerous features like winks, icebreakers, anonymous chats, gifts and many others to show your interest to someone you are attracted to.

Just one warning, if after exchanging some gifts and 2-3 short messages you feel like continuing your communication, don’t hurry to share your private info like phone number or email address. Just keep chatting until you are 100% sure it’s time to go one level up.
Keep in mind that while you are on site, you are much more protected from different ways of scam, as moderators always thoroughly check out users’ profiles and delete all suspicious accounts.

Thus, becoming a matchmaking site user you get a wonderful opportunity to start communication with any person you like and this highly increases your chances to meet your perfect match.

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8 thoughts on “Why Become an Online Dating Player?”

  • i like a friendly guy who can get a conversation started pretty easily. ask them what’s good, see what they did that day, what they like to do. stuff like that. you have to be interested, so there must be something listed as an interest of theirs on their profile that you can start a convo about

  • why don’t you wink him, too? It’s so easy!!! When I’ve got wink it always makes me smile 🙂 It means that someone likes me 🙂

  • To my mind all these winks are absolutely useless. The man I don’t know always sends me a wink in the morning. How should I react? Say “hello”? Or send him a wink, too???

  • but sometimes winking too often seems creepy, as some people just wink and then just do nothing, they don’t even reply to my messages a write them after their winks…

  • In general, the way to make your message stand out is to be sincere. Make note of specific things about the girl that you like, and mention them. That’s so easy!

  • My advice is very simple. Check your spelling and grammar. It doesn’t take long, and most people say that poor writing is an instant turn-off.
    P.S. I’m not a grammar-nazi 🙂

  • I’ve been sending random emails out and getting almost no responses. Took the advice given here and 2 for 2 so far. Wow.

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