What Is Invisible Mode and How to Turn It On/Off?

What Is Invisible Mode and How to Turn It On/Off?

If you want to stay online but don’t want to be disturbed, it is possible to set your status to appear invisible. Invisible Mode is an option to hide your online presence and your visits to other users’ profiles.

The Invisible Mode is available for the VIP members only. What you need is simply to take the following steps to activate it:

  • Click on “My guests” link.
  • On your “My guests” page, click on the “Invisible Mode” link and select the necessary option – you can choose either to hide your online presence from the other people, or not to show you among the “My guests” of the others, or both. Then click “Save changes”. The Invisible Mode is active during the VIP-subscription period.

If you want to  turn on/off the Invisible Mode settings take the following steps:

  1. The Invisible Mode can be activated from your “My guests” page.
  2. To obtain Invisible mode you have to buy a VIP-account – press the “Learn more” button and choose the most preferable VIP subscription plan.
  3. Then you should  return to section “My guests” and click on the “Activate” button at the top of the page below the Invisible Mode description.
  4. Put the markers into checkboxes selecting the options you would like to set: “Conceal my online presence to other users”, “Do not show me on the list of “My guests” on other people’s profiles”, or both.
  5. Click “Save Changes”, and your settings will be saved.


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