We’ve Launched Our New Project Modern Social Trends

We’ve Launched Our New Project Modern Social Trends

We are so glad to share good news with you! Our new project Modern Social Trends is launched. Meetville has about 15 million active members and thousands of people willing to answer important questions and share their opinions on different topics.

Our community is growing every day as more and more like-minded people join Meetville. People’s answers reached a point when they start to reflect society’s opinions on various aspects of life. This inspired us to create Modern Social Trends. Modern Social Trends is stats and figures based on polls that we hold regularly.

Infographic is released weekly and is dedicated to a particular topic. Our first infographic is focused on homosexuality. You can find it here.

Meetville team hopes that infographic will help you to shape your own opinion on this or that topic. Also you can get an infographic or a survey tailored specially for you!

Read here how to do it quickly and absolutely for free.

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