We Have Launched Our New Service Pulse

We Have Launched Our New Service Pulse
We have recently launched our service Questions and Answers. This service allows you to find people who share your values ​​and interests. I will briefly remind you of how it works: a) you answer different questions (for example, “What would you choose: sex or ice cream?”), b) we compare your answers with the answers of other people and display your percentage of compatibility, and so on c) you chat with those who are not only compatible with according to the answers to the questions, but also provoke your interest and sympathy. Finally you exchange phone numbers and meet on a date. Everything is quite clear. BUT this was not enough for us…

That’s why we decided to make a platform for communication around the interesting and important for everyone questions and news. So what is our new service “Pulse”?

There are such categories in Pulse as:
–  Animals & Nature
– Celebrities

– Culture

– Everyday Life & Home

– Health & Recreation

– Hobbies & Interests

– Lifehacks

– Money & Job

– Relationships

– Society & Politics

– Style

– Technology


– Vehicles

– World

Every day, our editorial staff adds the post popular news to these categories. You’ve probably heard these news today, or on the radio or on television. And in Pulse you can discuss them with people who are just as you – looking for a partner. Here are some examples of news:
 The most interesting and discussed questions from Q&A automatically get to Pulse as well. By the way, we put news questions to our users in Q&A, accompanying them with a source of news, so that users can easily get the point. People answer the questions and the most active users leave comments, thus entering into polemics. Every day we send our users newsletter which includes the hottest news (to their emails and push notifications).
We hope that all our users will be able to find here interesting topics that they will like to comment on and express their life attitude.
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