Want to get more matches? Mention these Game of Thrones references!

Want to get more matches? Mention these Game of Thrones references!

When looking for your perfect match, sure enough, you want to have some common ground to start building your relationship on. And what can bond you better than your favorite TV-show? 

As one of the greatest series of modernity, finding people who will also be interested in Game of Thrones is not that hard. So why don’t you make an advantage of it? Enchant your match with a conversation about the topic that you both are interested in! Let’s make it more clear and use some actual ideas of how you can get more matches and catch their attention.

First off, mention it in your profile. Just like other your interests, favorite series, movies, books (basically everything that may become the topic of your future conversation) should be in your profile. Using quotes from GoT as a part of the profile description will give you even more points. And asking questions in your profile like “Have you watched the last episode? Text me if you did.” will almost surely guarantee that your match will text you first!

But what about your actual conversation? What kind of messages will make you get noticed by your crush?

There’s been made a research indicating that the topic of your conversation based on Game of Thrones has a pretty big impact on a chance of you getting a reply.

It turns out mentioning the Red Wedding resulted in users getting 376 percent more replies than average. That was by far the most effective conversation starter. The next one mentions of fan favorite Tyrion Lannister, who garnered 165 percent more replies than the average.

Singles who slid into the DMs with Hodor received 120 percent more replies than average. Icebreaker-friendly characters also include Jon Snow at 43 percent and Cersei Lannister at 14 percent.

Referencing “Winter is coming” had a reply rate that was 79 percent higher than average, and the phrase “Game of Thrones” itself had a reply rate 19 percent higher than average.

This proves that the most effective conversation starters center around what we all love: Drama.

Source: https://mashable.com/article/game-of-thrones-messages-dating-app-zoosk/

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