Useful Tips on How to Convince a Man for Marriage

Useful Tips on How to Convince a Man for Marriage

They say that some individuals are never ready to become spouses. It seems that fewer and fewer men want to say goodbye to their bachelor life these days. But what to do if a woman wants to wear a white dress and have the wedding of her dreams? released the infographiс covering useful tips and advice on how to convince a man for marriage.

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Men tend to postpone marriage for as long as possible nowadays due to several reasons. Brad Wilcox, Ph.D., a sociologist and director of the National Marriage Project, says: “Men have that natural provider instinct, so they want to feel financially secure before making that kind of long-term commitment.”

Marriage has lost its meaning for many couples. “When you live together, you essentially get the same perks of marriage — sharing a home, sleeping together every night, spending more time together — which takes away the urgency to make things official,” adds Brad Wilcox.

When a woman is sure that she and her partner are ready for this serious step, there are tips that would help to prepare her significant other for marriage. Brad Wilcox advises: “If you’re itching to get married and he’s still on the fence, pushing the issue is only going to make him more hesitant. As things become more intimate, look for signs of commitment, like his putting you first and giving up time with friends and family to be with you — and reinforce your interest in a future together. If you’re open and honest about where you see the relationship going and you progress toward that future together, your patience will pay off and you will get to a place where you’re both comfortable with settling down.”

There are some things that create from a woman a more desirable wife. First of all every woman should love herself and enjoy life. Julie Mary Carmen, a business consultant, states: “Unless you take good care of yourself you cannot expect anyone else to. Men want to marry high value women, and a high value woman is a woman who knows her worth. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect with a full face of make up all the time. It does mean that you honor your basic needs, you make time for yourself and you take pride in how you look. It might look like nourishing yourself with good food, getting enough sleep, saying NO when you don’t want to do something, dressing in a way that suits and compliments you, feeling feminine. When he sees you looking after yourself and being a soft, feminine woman he feels drawn to you.”

While loving yourself don’t forget to be grateful and appreciate your partner. Julie Mary is sure: “The primary motivator for a man in a relationship is very simple. He wants to feel good with his woman. Men have an urge to make women happy. And he feels good when he is successful within the relationship. This means his woman is happy and pleased with his efforts. She appreciates what he does for her.”

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, adds: “The thing is that often a woman who wants to marry isn’t ready for marriage. She needs to be sure that this man is the one for her and they want to take their relationship to the next level. Marriage is a big commitment, both partners should be absolutely sure about this.”

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