Unexpected Things That Turn Women on

Unexpected Things That Turn Women on

While to turn on a boyfriend or a husband, it’s just enough to passionately kiss him or gently touch him, women seem to be much pickier when it comes to things that turn them on. Female needs go far beyond just looking at men’s body. If that was so easy, any guy just could take his shirt off right on the first date, and be sure that his newly-met lady will go home with him.

It’s not that women never get attracted to some men’s physical qualities. Sometimes they can turn on things like these even easier than men. But at the same time, most of the women need something more than just physical touch. And sometimes it may be something very unexpected. So, what are the other things that attract women? Here are some qualities that turn women on even better than the look of a tanned muscled male body.


Notes and letters written by hand

Handwritten notes are a real treasure these days. Just try to remember when the last time you got any handwritten touchy letters from your significant other was. Has he ever hidden a note with a cute message in the pocket of your coat? No woman can deny that a small paper with some sensitive words will cost a hundred e-mail or phone messages.

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The smell of a clean body

What does it mean? Of course, we all get sweat from time to time. But you’ll hardly find a woman who’ll say she goes nuts about the scent of a sweaty body. The most attractive smell for women’s nose is the smell of a right-out-of-shower guy. And don’t overuse perfume, flavored soaps or body washes. Just the smell of a healthy clean men’s body and that’s it.


The sound of your own name pronounced by the partner

Men, get your mind out of gutter! It’s not about when we are in bed together (though it’s also very pleasant to be called by name at this moment). We are talking about the moments when you do this out of the blue. Being together with our partner we more and more often use nicknames rather than real names. But the sound of our own name dropped a couple of times during the conversation just make women fly. Really!


Concentrating on a project

Women love guys with healthy career ambitions. And women also like when men take the initiative concentrating on some daily routine things from fixing the sink in the kitchen to planning a traveling tour.

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2 thoughts on “Unexpected Things That Turn Women on”

  • agree with all the points except for the point about a body smell, I do like when men use Axe or something like that, of corse when don’t abuse them:)

  • but you do them just to make the girl yours, after that you successfully forget all this romantic stuff and become boring jerks as usual!

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