There Are Only 4 Types of Relationships. Which One Is Yours?

There Are Only 4 Types of Relationships. Which One Is Yours?

Scientists from the University of Illinois had identified 4 types of couples among 376 couples in love. They conducted the experiment for among 9 months and at the end revealed 4 types of couples and the fate of their relationships.

Find out which one of these 4 relationship types is yours.


Drama Queens

This is your type of relationship if: 

  • When you are together you mostly speak about your relationship.
  • You make examples or tend to make decisions based on some previous negative experience or someone else’s failures.
  • There are many ups and downs in your relationship.
  • You always break up and then come together again.

Maybe you should be less dramatic or your couple won’t last long. The experiment showed that less than half of these couples finally got married.


Party People

This type is about you if: 

  • You are always active and your dates are different each time. 
  • You are very sociable and spend a lot of time in a big company.
  • You are not just a love-couple, you are best friends as well.

Couples like this tend to be long-lasting and more strong than others. 2/3 of these couples got married. 


Focused on Each Other

In this type of relationship you:

  • Spend most of the time together.
  • Have the same views on some topics and the same hobbies and interests.
  • Think about the future always considering your relationship.

This type of couples turned out to be the most successful. 90% of the participating couples created strong families. 


Conflicting but Passionate

This is your type of relationship when:

  • The time spent together is always bright and passionate.
  • You can have a lot of arguments but at the end of the day, you are still totally in love with each other.
  • You can’t really spend much time without one another.

It might look like the status of such relationship is “everything is complicated”,  but in fact, they don’t break up more than other couples.


But actually, it’s not that important, which type of relationship your couple is in. Here, at Meetville, we believe that everyone should find their true love and be happy no matter what! 

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