Thanks, But No Thanks

Thanks, But No Thanks

Being involved in online dating means that it’ll be easy for you to get caught up in a chat and become overly interested in being nice. If you’ve simply been being polite while chatting with someone, but they’re interested in more, you’re faced with a difficult task. Is there an easy way to say “I’m just not interested?” Not really.

The best advice we can give you is to just be honest. It’s much better to be honest early on than to go out with someone just because you’re “guilted” into it or just want to be nice. We’re relatively sure that you wouldn’t want someone to go out with you just to be nice. Why waste the time.

When turning someone down for a date, focus on what you don’t have in common. Explain to them that you just don’t like hanging out in smoky bars like they do and it just wouldn’t be a fun time in your eyes.

The same applies if you don’t get a phone call or email for a second date. Often men think they’re supposed to wait awhile before calling a woman for a second date. This is rude, but for women, you need to realize that maybe he’s just not that into you.

Calling him up and expressing your rage at his rudeness is just plain wrong. It can cause you to have a bad reputation and result in added stress that you just don’t need. There are hundreds of others online that you try to connect with. Get back out there and shake it off.

Alternatively, men, you should be aware that just because a woman shows a little interest, she might be faking it. Many women find it difficult to turn a man down for a date or a second date, but if she’s honest with you, accept it and move on. Perhaps – on the flip side – she’s just not that into you!

Don’t string someone along just because you’re too polite to say no. It’s better to be honest and move along rather than waste anymore time with someone you know you won’t be compatible with.

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6 thoughts on “Thanks, But No Thanks”

  • well, I say something like “well, I don’t feel like going out, you see, I’m afraid we’ll have nothing to even talk about, so we both will be bored” or alike. and…. I try not to think about it afterwards, this is the biggers torture – remorse

  • hell yeah, you never know if ou should ask for a second date or not! women are good actresses and they never mean what they say 🙁 hate it, why not say directly that you don’t want to see msn ever again!

  • 😡 I hate it when a woman starts making up excuses for not going out with me instead of just saying that she doesn’t like me. I feel so stupid when asking her out!

  • well, whe ni see that a woman starts making up reasons for not seing me insteaf saying directly, I do it for her. I mean, I say “oh, I see, you don’t wanna see me? ok, that’s fine” and that’s it 😉

  • well, I have been turned down several times. yes, I asked men out for a date and failed. but I don’t regret it 🙂 on the contrary, I immediately learned that it was not the guy for me and moved on

  • oh, this is the biggest problem for me to say NO if I don’t want to go out with someone 🙁 and I really try to be polite and… I do go out! but it’s merely because of politnes, not even curiosity! 🙁

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