Thank You Text After the First Date: What Should You Say?

Thank You Text After the First Date: What Should You Say?

The date was great and you are looking forward to a second one. But for now, you still need to let him now that you enjoyed this time together and you appreciated the effort he put in this date. You say you thanked him in person? Well, it’s great but not enough. Even when the date is over you still could remind him how great it was by sending a text.

Sending a thank you text after the first date is not only a way to actually say ‘thank you’ but also a chance to lead your conversation to the next date. Though, the question is, what exactly should you say after the first date? Here are some examples of what kind of thank you text after the first date you could use.

Date: Going for a drink or a dinner

What you text: The dinner was great! Especially with the wine you picked. And I still can’t stop laughing from the story about your B’day party. It was hilarious!

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Date: Having a walk in the park

What you text: Thanks for taking me there! It was a really nice place and I really enjoyed hanging out with you. By the way, would you show me this coffee place you were talking about?


Date: Going to a football game

What you text: This was so much fun! Can’t believe I never actually watched a soccer game. When is the next one?


Date: Going for after-work drinks with a co-worker you like a lot

What you text: Great wine and fabulous company sound like a perfect way to spend a Friday night. Wanna repeat it sometime?


Date: You’ve met at a friends party

What you text: 3 great things I remember about last night: punch, dancing and you being an amazing kisser. Exactly in that order.

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Basically, it doesn’t really matter where did you go for your date. But if you like this guy and want to spend more time together, don’t hesitate to tell him about your true feelings. Show your interest in dating him and don’t be afraid to make this step first.

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