Surprising Facts about Americans and Online Dating

Surprising Facts about Americans and Online Dating

Americans hardly ever make a date offline. The chances that you walk into a bar and meet your future boyfriend there are approximately 1 in 100.

When in a bar, we see a different picture more often: a lonely man looking at his smartphone. A girl who walks in and looks for someone with her eyes. A lonely man waving at her: it’s me, I’m in a striped shirt, it’s me, Josh! You look prettier than you do in your pictures. They are a couple from one of the numerous dating apps, for sure. They met for the first time and will most likely sleep separately today. If a second or third date happens, they will probably say that they met at a conference or via mutual friends. Despite the popularity of online dating in the USA, many Americans are still ashamed to confess that they met online.

However, online dating is very convenient. You do not waste time and money sitting in pubs endlessly, you know at least something about the educational background and other details about your potential partner since you had chatted before and discussed things. You can text online endlessly, exchange your phone numbers and even go somewhere in public to look at each other closer.

In the USA, we live fast, get up early, and instead of going to grocery stores, we order groceries online every other time, and buy clothes on Amazon without even trying them on. It’s the same with dating apps actually: you can chat with each other for a long time, go on a date right away, or even have sex. If you don’t like it, you can stop answering calls or even block the person.

It is not a surprise for everyone that most romantic couples are created through the Internet in the US. This data was obtained by Stanford University sociologists. Scientists have analyzed the way more than seven thousand Americans met their couple. Previous sociological studies have shown that, since at least the middle of the last century, the most common way of meeting someone was via common friends. However, with the development of technology, online dating began to take the leading position.

Here are the most surprising facts about Americans and online dating that you may have no idea about!

Most people who use online dating to find a partner say that it is actually easy to meet someone you like

Many online daters in the USA say it is not that hard to find physically attractive people, who have interesting hobbies and look for the same in life. However, female users of a dating app or site are more likely than men to find someone physically attractive (36% women vs. 21% men). While men tend to say it was pretty hard to find women who shared their interests (41% women vs. 30% men).

Women are more demanding when looking for information in other users’ dating profiles

72% of women consider it very important to include information about the type of relationship the man is searching for. As for the male representatives of online dating, the number is 53%.  Religion is also more essential for women than men (32% vs. 18%), occupation (27% vs. 8%), and height (22% vs. 8%).

Americans are not 100% sure online dating is safe

Only half of Americans (53%) consider dating apps or sites a safe place to meet people. The rest 47% believe online dating is not too reliable. Of course, it all depends on your personal experience. Most Americans who have ever used online dating (71%) consider it a safe way to meet people, while 47% of those who have no experience in using these platforms believe online dating is not safe at all.


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