9 Stages of Long Distance Relationships

9 Stages of Long Distance Relationships

Being in a long-distance relationship is not easy and requires certain efforts. You’ll go through different stages, learn to trust each other and finally reach the moment when these will no longer be at a distance.
Today we will share the stages of such relationships and what you will encounter along the way:

1. Dread
From the very beginning, when this kind of relationship is new to you, there are many questions and doubts. People are not sure what will happen to their relationship and whether it will be possible to save at a distance. Don’t be afraid to share fears and feelings in order to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

2. Loneliness
Now, when your dread has slowly diminished, loneliness overtakes you. But with this stage, you will learn how to cope with it. This is one of the most difficult periods even for couples that are very secure in their relationships.

3. Worry
Being in a long-distance relationship is scary. At this stage overthinking and overanalyzing can lead to panic. This might not happen to everyone, but if it does happen to you, you are not alone. You’re in this together with your partner, who loves and supports you.

4. Hope
After you have calmed down, you begin to trust your partner. Gradually, you build comfortable communication and devote enough time to your relationship. Hope for a meeting or a call soon helps to get through almost anything the two of you have to battle.

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5. Habit
At this stage, you automatically write “good morning” in the morning and “good night” in the evening. Such small things become a daily routine. You’ll learn the best way to communicate and share your lives even when you’re not together.

6. Uncertainty
Every relationship has its ups and downs, and relationships that struggle with distance encounter a lot of these. Doubts and quarrels arise again. The trick is to fight the core of the problem right away and make sure that it does not cause other issues to arise.

7. Comfort
Now you realize that throughout all the chaos in the world, you still have someone who loves you. Even if they are not physically present, your partner is worth waiting out the distance. You will not only find routine in missing them, but find the comfort to look forward to seeing them, advancing in your relationship, and simply getting through it.

9. Decision time
At this point, you draw up a plan and determine the end date of your long-distance relationship. This cannot last forever and it’s necessary to consider the further development of your relationship. You need to be on the same page, and commit to moving in together, or at least moving closer to each other. Set some new goals for your relationship, goals that work for both you and your partner.

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