What is Slow Dating and How Will It Save Your Love Life

What is Slow Dating and How Will It Save Your Love Life

How much time do need to swipe someone right on a ? One second? Two? And how much time do you actually need to realize that it’s your perfect match?

Today, instead of using some weird tools to swipe your matches automatically, more and more young people are getting familiar with the term slow . It is as easy as it sounds. Basically, slow is a concept of spending more time on each profile before swiping it left or right.

Does it make sense?

We say, it does! Just think about all the advantages you’ll get while trying slow dating. There is no way you will accidentally swipe your future true love left. You will get an opportunity to learn more about your match, not just look at his/her photos.

This whole concept will also change your attitude towards online dating in general. It won’t be just a swiping game for you anymore but it will give you the new understanding of how you should build your relationship and will give you time to think: do you actually need this new relationship in your life?

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And if you are actually thinking about limiting the time you spend with your phone. If would be a great opportunity to actually cut your phone usage and give yourself more free time. Maybe you can finally go on a real afterward 😉

How to make it work?

There are a few tips that will help you to make this slow dating idea actually work. Try some of them and see if your dating experience will actually change.

  • Use your phone settings to limit the screen time for your dating app

  • Pick yourself only certain places or time when you are allowed to use the app

  • Follow a “twenty seconds” rule: you can’t swipe until you spend minimum 20 seconds on your match’s profile

  • Allow yourself no more than 15-20 swipes per day

  • Start a chat instead of swiping for new people. You may be surprised but you can find so much more interesting stuff about a person if you are actually talking to them

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We should admit, though, that slow dating is not for everyone. You might not find it comfortable or useful, and it’s totally okay.

Online dating is still great in any way you use it! So don’t waste your time and try your own way of online dating. Install Meetville app on Android and iOS right now and go on a date with local singles!

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